Italian movie actresses died in the year 1962

Here are 2 famous actresses from Italy died in 1962:

Inez Palange

Inez Palange (June 13, 1889 Naples-October 16, 1962 Los Angeles County) also known as Ines Palange was an Italian actor.

She began her acting career in the 1910s and appeared in over 20 films in Italy during the silent era. In 1915, she starred in the film "Rigoletto" which was directed by José Gaspar. In the late 1920s, she moved to the United States and continued her acting career in Hollywood. She appeared in small roles in films such as "The Toast of New York" (1937) and "The Flying Deuces" (1939). Her last film credit was in "The Big Night" (1951), directed by Joseph Losey. Inez Palange was also known for her work as a voice actor, providing the Italian dubbing for many Hollywood films. She passed away in 1962 at the age of 73.

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Irma Gramatica

Irma Gramatica (November 25, 1867 Rijeka-October 14, 1962 Florence) otherwise known as Maria Carolina Francesca Gramatica was an Italian actor.

Irma Gramatica became a well-known Italian actor during the early 20th century, performing on both stage and screen. She came from a family of actors and made her stage debut at the age of seven, alongside her father Giovanni and siblings Ruggero and Cesarina. She went on to have a successful acting career, starring in plays such as "La Locandiera" and "La Vedova Allegra". In the 1940s, she began appearing in films and was notable for her role as the grandmother in Vittorio De Sica's "Umberto D." (1952). Even at a later age, she continued to act and was still performing in her 90s. Gramatica is remembered as one of the great actresses of Italian cinema and theatre.

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