Italian movie actresses died in the year 1995

Here are 7 famous actresses from Italy died in 1995:

Daniela Rocca

Daniela Rocca (September 12, 1937 Acireale-May 28, 1995 Milo) a.k.a. Daniella Rocca was an Italian actor, model and author.

She started her career as a model and made her acting debut in 1959 with the film "Un maledetto imbroglio". She gained popularity with her performance in the movie "Madame Sans-GĂȘne" (1961). Her other notable films include "La voglia matta" (1962), "I cuori infranti" (1963) and "Le bambole" (1965).

Apart from acting, Rocca was also an author and wrote several books including "La mia dieta anti-cellulite" and "Ama il tuo cane". She was also known for her philanthropic work and was a supporter of animal rights.

Rocca died in 1995 at the age of 57 due to lung cancer. She is remembered as one of the most talented actors of her time who had a successful career in both film and literature.

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Paola Borboni

Paola Borboni (January 1, 1900 Golese-April 9, 1995 Bodio Lomnago) was an Italian actor.

She made her acting debut in 1918 in a silent film called "Il Ladro". Borboni became a prominent performer in the Italian theater scene during the 1920s and also appeared in several films during this period. She continued to act on stage and screen in the following decades, with notable roles in films such as "Anna Magnani" and "La grande guerra". Borboni was awarded the Volpi Cup for Best Supporting Actress at the Venice Film Festival in 1985 for her work in the film "The Family". In addition to acting, she was also a vocal advocate for social and political causes, including women's rights and the anti-fascist movement.

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Rosalia Maggio

Rosalia Maggio (May 1, 1921 Palermo-July 25, 1995 Naples) was an Italian actor, singer, dancer and showgirl.

After finishing her studies in Palermo, Rosalia Maggio moved to Milan to pursue a career in entertainment. She started out as a showgirl in various nightclubs and variety shows in the city. Her talent quickly caught the eye of film producers and she was soon offered roles in several movies.

Rosalia Maggio appeared in more than 20 films throughout her career, working with famous Italian directors such as Federico Fellini and Vittorio De Sica. She was also an accomplished singer and dancer, often incorporating these skills into her film roles.

In addition to her work in film, Rosalia Maggio also had a successful career on television. She hosted a popular variety show in the 1960s and 1970s, showcasing her talents as a performer and entertainer.

She retired from the entertainment industry in the 1980s and moved to Naples, where she passed away in 1995. Rosalia Maggio left behind a legacy as a talented and beloved performer in Italy's entertainment history.

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Doris Duranti

Doris Duranti (April 25, 1917 Livorno-March 10, 1995 Santo Domingo) otherwise known as Dora Franca Duranti, Dori Duranti or Dori was an Italian actor.

Doris Duranti began her career in Italian cinema during the 1930s, landing her first role in the 1936 film "Il medico per forza". Over the course of her career, she appeared in nearly 30 films, working with esteemed directors such as Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni. She was known for her versatility and ability to play a wide range of characters, from seductive femmes fatales to comedic sidekicks. Duranti also gained popularity as a singer, performing in various nightclubs and on Italian television. In addition to her film and music careers, Duranti was a skilled writer and poet, publishing several books of her work throughout her life. In 1952, she married Italian director Roberto Rossellini, with whom she had two children. She later moved to the Dominican Republic, where she continued to work in film and television until her death in 1995 at the age of 77.

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Delfy de Ortega

Delfy de Ortega (November 27, 2014 Italy-September 21, 1995 General RodrĂ­guez) a.k.a. Delfina Felipa Bonomo was an Italian actor.

She began her acting career in Italy, but moved to Argentina in the early 1930s where she continued her work in cinema, theatre and television. She starred in more than 50 films and was one of the most recognized and respected actresses in Argentina throughout the 1940s and 1950s. She received numerous accolades for her contributions to the film industry, including the Konex Award for Best Actress in 1981. In addition to her acting work, Delfy de Ortega was also a playwright, and wrote several plays throughout her career. She passed away in 1995 at the age of 79.

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Adriana Serra

Adriana Serra (November 27, 1923 Milan-October 13, 1995 Endine Gaiano) was an Italian actor.

She began her acting career in the theater during the 1940s and later transitioned to film and television. Serra appeared in over 50 films, including "La Visita" (1963), "La Notte" (1961), and "Una Vita Difficile" (1960), among others. She was known for her ability to portray complex characters with depth and authenticity. Serra also won several awards throughout her career, including Best Actress at the 1962 Taormina Film Festival for her role in "La Notte." In addition to her acting work, Serra was also a writer and published several books, including a collection of short stories titled "Il Peccato" (1960). She passed away in 1995 at the age of 71.

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Edy Campagnoli

Edy Campagnoli (June 12, 1934 Milan-February 6, 1995 Milan) also known as Edda Campagnoli or La valletta muta was an Italian model, actor, businessperson and tv personality. She had one child, Patricia Buffon.

Campagnoli began her career as a model in the 1950s, and quickly rose to fame in Italy, known for her beauty and style. She made her acting debut in the 1960s, appearing in several spaghetti westerns and Italian films.

Aside from her entertainment career, Campagnoli also ventured into business, opening a high-end boutique in Milan in the 1970s that catered to celebrities and wealthy clients.

In the 1980s, Campagnoli became a fixture on Italian television, hosting a popular game show and appearing as a guest on talk shows. She was known for her quick wit and engaging personality.

Despite her success, Campagnoli faced personal struggles, including a battle with cancer. She passed away in 1995 at the age of 60, leaving behind a legacy as one of Italy's most beloved and talented personalities.

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