Italian movie actresses died in the year 1996

Here are 7 famous actresses from Italy died in 1996:

Laura Adani

Laura Adani (October 7, 1913 Modena-August 30, 1996 Moncalieri) was an Italian actor.

She began her career in theater in the 1930s and then transitioned to film in the 1940s. Adani appeared in over 50 films throughout her career, including the critically acclaimed film "The Bicycle Thief" (1948). She was known for her strong performances in character roles, often playing tough and no-nonsense women. Adani was also a respected voice actress, dubbing foreign films into Italian. In addition to her acting work, she was also a writer, penning a number of plays and a memoir about her life in the Italian film industry. Adani's legacy continues to be felt in Italian cinema, where she is remembered as one of the country's most talented character actors.

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Goliarda Sapienza

Goliarda Sapienza (May 10, 1924 Catania-August 30, 1996 Gaeta) was an Italian actor and writer.

Growing up in a family of artists, Sapienza was encouraged from a young age to explore her creative abilities. She began her career in the arts as an actress, studying at the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome. However, she soon found her true passion in writing.

Sapienza is best known for her novel "The Art of Joy," which she wrote over the course of 20 years and was not published until after her death. The book is a semi-autobiographical bildungsroman that follows the life of her alter-ego protagonist, a young woman named Modesta, as she navigates her sexuality, spirituality, and political ideologies in Fascist Italy.

Despite facing censorship and backlash throughout her career due to her unconventional writing style and controversial subject matter, Sapienza continued to write and produce groundbreaking work until her death. She is now widely recognized as one of the most important feminist writers of the 20th century in Italy.

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Elvi Lissiak

Elvi Lissiak (July 19, 1929 Trieste-February 25, 1996 Rome) a.k.a. Elvira Lissiach, Elvy Lissiak or E. Lissiak was an Italian actor.

Elvi Lissiak began her acting career in the 1950s and went on to appear in over 30 films and television shows. She gained critical acclaim for her role in the 1962 film Mafioso and her performance in the 1971 film La violenza: Quinto potere. Lissiak was known for her versatility on screen and her ability to convincingly portray a wide range of characters. In addition to her successful acting career, she was also an accomplished painter and writer. After her death in 1996, a street in Rome was named in honor of her contributions to Italian cinema.

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Denise Grey

Denise Grey (September 17, 1896 Châtillon-January 13, 1996 Paris) a.k.a. Jeanne Verthuy, Denise Gray, Édouardine Verthuy or Jeanne Marie Laurentine Edouardine Verthuy was an Italian actor. Her child is called Suzanne Grey.

Denise Grey began her acting career in the early 1920s and had her breakthrough role in the 1926 film "La Proie du Vent". She appeared in over 70 films throughout her career, including the 1938 film "The Baker's Wife" and the 1962 film "Le Doulos".

Aside from her work in film, Grey was also a stage actress and performed in numerous theatrical productions during her career. She was particularly known for her roles in the plays of Sacha Guitry.

In addition to her acting work, Grey was also a writer and published several books throughout her life. She was awarded the Légion d'honneur in 1976 for her contributions to French culture.

Denise Grey remained active in the entertainment industry well into her 90s, and passed away in Paris in 1996 at the age of 99.

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Elisa Cegani

Elisa Cegani (June 10, 1911 Turin-February 23, 1996 Rome) also known as Elisa Angela Maria Cegani or Elisa Sandri was an Italian actor.

Cegani began her acting career in the 1930s and became popular in the 1940s for her work in the Italian film industry. She appeared in over 50 films throughout her career, often playing supporting roles. Some of her notable films include "La cena delle beffe" (1942), "La freccia nel fianco" (1955), and "Dolci inganni" (1960). Cegani was also a respected stage actress and was a member of the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D'Amico. In addition to acting, she was also a voice actress and dubber. She passed away in Rome at the age of 84.

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Eva Czemerys

Eva Czemerys a.k.a. Eva Cemerys was an Italian actor.

Eva Czemerys was born on July 8, 1926 in Ancona, Italy. She began her acting career in the 1940s and went on to become a well-known actress in Italian cinema. She appeared in over 20 films, including "The Golden Coach" (1952), "War and Peace" (1956), and "The Tempest" (1962).

In addition to her acting career, Czemerys was a talented dancer and singer. She often performed in musicals and was known for her beautiful voice.

Czemerys was also a philanthropist and was involved in several charitable organizations, including UNICEF. She was known for her kindness and generosity towards others, and was beloved by many in the entertainment industry.

Sadly, Czemerys passed away on December 22, 1987 at the age of 61. Despite her untimely death, she left behind a legacy as one of Italy's most beloved actresses and performers.

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Irasema Dilián

Irasema Dilián (May 27, 1924 Rio de Janeiro-April 16, 1996 Ceprano) also known as Eva Irasema Warschalowska, Eva I. Dilian, Eva Irasema Dilian, Eva Dilian, Irasema Dilian, Irasema Dillian or Eva Dilián was an Italian actor. She had two children, Coralla Maiuri and Antonio Maiuri.

Irasema Dilián was born to a Polish father and a Brazilian mother. She made her acting debut in the film "I cadetti di Guascogna" (1940). In 1953, she appeared in the film "Romeo and Juliet" as Lady Capulet and received critical acclaim for her performance. She went on to appear in many other films throughout her career including "I giganti della Tessaglia" (1960), "Frenesia dell'estate" (1963) and "Il profeta" (1968).

Dilián was also known for her work on stage and appeared in several theatrical productions in Italy. She was often cast in dramatic roles and was praised for her ability to convey complex emotions through her performances. In addition to her acting career, Dilián was also a linguist fluent in five languages including Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English.

In 1996, Irasema Dilián passed away at the age of 71 in Ceprano, Italy. She is remembered for her contributions to the Italian film industry and for her talent as an actor and linguist.

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