Italian movie actresses died in the year 2002

Here are 2 famous actresses from Italy died in 2002:

Marina Berti

Marina Berti (September 29, 1924 London-October 29, 2002 Rome) a.k.a. Elena Maureen Bertolini, Maurin Melrose, Maureen Melrose or Maurin Melrose - Marina Berti was an Italian actor. Her children are called Carlo Giordana, Andrea Giordana, Marina Giordana, Luca Giordana and Cristina Giordana.

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Cosetta Greco

Cosetta Greco (October 8, 1930 Trento-July 14, 2002 Rome) otherwise known as Cesarina Rossi, Cesarina Olivia Rossi or Cosetta Greco Cimica was an Italian actor.

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