Italian musicians born in the year 1973

Here are 12 famous musicians from Italy were born in 1973:

Cristiano Doni

Cristiano Doni (April 1, 1973 Rome-) is an Italian , .

Cristiano Doni is an Italian former professional football player who played as a midfielder. He started his football career at Atalanta Bergamo in 1992 and played there until 1998, when he transferred to AC Milan. During his time at AC Milan, Doni was sent out on loan to several teams, including the English club Leeds United. He returned to Atalanta in 2001 and became a key player for the team for several seasons. However, Doni's career was marred by a match-fixing scandal in 2012, which resulted in him being banned from football for three and a half years. Since retiring from football, Doni has been involved in coaching and sports broadcasting.

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Gabry Ponte

Gabry Ponte (April 20, 1973 Turin-) also known as Grabry Ponte, Gabriele Ponte, DJ Ponte or Ponte, Gabry is an Italian disc jockey.

His albums include Gabry Ponte, Figli di Pitagora (feat. Little Tony), La danza delle streghe, Time to Rock, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. DJ, Love Songs in the Digital Age, Gabry2o, Giulia(CDS), Skyride and Rock the Dex. Genres related to him: Eurodance, Italo dance, House music, Dance music and Electro house.

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Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan (September 5, 1973 Florence-) otherwise known as Rose Arianna McGowan, Rose McGowen or McGowan, Rose is an Italian actor and singer.

She is best known for her appearances in cult horror films such as Scream, The Doom Generation, and Phantoms. McGowan has also starred in television shows such as Charmed and Nip/Tuck. In addition to her acting career, McGowan is an advocate for women's rights and has spoken out against sexism and abuse in Hollywood. She is also a musician and has released her own music, including the album "Planet 9". In 2018, McGowan released her memoir "Brave", which chronicles her experiences in Hollywood and her role in the #MeToo movement.

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Fabio Lione

Fabio Lione (October 9, 1973 Pisa-) otherwise known as Joe Terry, Lione, Fabio or Fabio Tordiglione is an Italian singer, musician, songwriter and singer-songwriter.

Genres: Symphonic metal, Power metal, Rock music and Heavy metal.

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Paola Cortellesi

Paola Cortellesi (November 24, 1973 Rome-) also known as Paola Cortelessi is an Italian actor, presenter, voice actor and singer. She has one child, Laura Milani.

Discography: Non mi chiedermi.

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Simone Giuliani

Simone Giuliani (May 1, 1973 Florence-) otherwise known as 4MuLA is an Italian record producer, composer, musician, music arranger, keyboard player and pianist.

Genres: Soundtrack, Ambient music, Jazz, Electronic music and Orchestra.

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Maurizio Lobina

Maurizio Lobina (October 30, 1973 Asti-) also known as Lobina, Maurizio, Maury Lobina or Apollo is an Italian keyboard player and singer.

Genres: Electronic dance music.

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Caparezza (October 9, 1973 Molfetta-) also known as Mikimix, CapaRezza, Capa Rezza or Michele Salvemini is an Italian rapper.

His albums include La mia buona stella, ?!, Le dimensioni del mio caos, Habemus Capa, VeritĂ  supposte, Il sogno eretico, Ricomincio da Capa, Con Caparezza... nella monnezza, Zappa and . Genres he performed: Rapcore, Alternative rock, Alternative hip hop, Pop-rap, Electro hop, Reggae, Rap metal, Political hip hop, Hip hop music, Nu metal, Experimental rock, Rock music and Rap rock.

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In-Grid (September 11, 1973 Guastalla-) also known as Ingrid, In Grid or Ingrid Alberini is an Italian singer, songwriter, singer-songwriter and dancer.

Her albums: Mama Mia, In-tango, Tu m'as promis..., VoilĂ !, La Vie En Rose, You Promised Me (Tu es foutu), Rendez-vous, Shock, Passion and . Genres: Pop music, Pop rock, Dance-pop and Alternative dance.

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Bugo (August 2, 1973 Trecate-) also known as Cristian Bugatti is an Italian actor and film score composer.

His albums: Sguardo contemporaneo, Sentimento westernato, La prima gratta, Dal lofai al cisei, Golia & Melchiorre, Pane, pene, pan, Contatti, La gioia di Melchiorre, Casalingo and Io mi rompo i coglioni.

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Mikelangelo Loconte

Mikelangelo Loconte (December 5, 1973 Cerignola-) also known as Mikelangelo Loconte is an Italian , .

Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Andrea Ferro

Andrea Ferro (August 19, 1973 Arona-) also known as Ferro, Andrea is an Italian singer.

Genres he performed include Gothic metal, Alternative metal, Heavy metal and Death metal.

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