Italian musicians died when they were 46

Here are 5 famous musicians from Italy died at 46:

Mario Carli

Mario Carli (December 30, 1888 San Severo-September 9, 1935) was an Italian novelist and journalist.

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Dino Campana

Dino Campana (August 20, 1885 Marradi-March 1, 1932) a.k.a. Campana, Dino was an Italian author.

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Perino del Vaga

Perino del Vaga (June 23, 1501 Florence-October 14, 1547 Rome) was an Italian personality.

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Rosso Fiorentino

Rosso Fiorentino (March 8, 1494 Florence-November 14, 1540 Paris) was an Italian personality.

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Mario Caserini

Mario Caserini (November 17, 1874 Rome-November 17, 1920 Rome) was an Italian film director, actor and screenwriter.

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