Italian musicians died when they were 75

Here are 26 famous musicians from Italy died at 75:

Giovanni Papini

Giovanni Papini (January 9, 1881 Florence-July 8, 1956 Florence) was an Italian writer and journalist. He had one child, Gioconda Papini.

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Bruno Rizzi

Bruno Rizzi (March 20, 1901 Italy-January 13, 1977) was an Italian personality.

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Guercino (February 8, 1591 Cento-December 22, 1666 Bologna) otherwise known as Il Guercino, Guercino or Giovanni Francesco Barbieri was an Italian personality.

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Girolamo Fracastoro

Girolamo Fracastoro (April 5, 1478 Verona-August 8, 1553) was an Italian physician and writer.

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Tintoretto (September 29, 1518 Venice-May 31, 1594 Venice) a.k.a. Jacopo Tintoretto, Jacopo Comin or Jacopo Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti) was an Italian personality. His child is Domenico Tintoretto.

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Eugenio Monti

Eugenio Monti (January 23, 1928 Toblach-December 1, 2003 Belluno) was an Italian personality.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Luciano Bottaro

Luciano Bottaro (November 16, 1931 Rapallo-November 25, 2006 Rapallo) was an Italian cartoonist.

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Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato

Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato (August 25, 1609 Rome-August 8, 1685 Rome) was an Italian personality.

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Orazio Gentileschi

Orazio Gentileschi (July 9, 1563 Pisa-February 1, 1639 London) was an Italian personality. His children are called Artemisia Gentileschi and Francesco Gentileschi.

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Francesco Zantedeschi

Francesco Zantedeschi (August 20, 1797 Dolcè-March 29, 1873 Padua) was an Italian physicist.

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Gesualdo Bufalino

Gesualdo Bufalino (November 15, 1920 Comiso-June 14, 1996 Comiso) was an Italian writer and novelist.

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Arturo Giovannitti

Arturo Giovannitti (January 7, 1884 Ripabottoni-December 31, 1959) was an Italian personality.

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Sal Maglie

Sal Maglie (April 26, 1917 Niagara Falls-December 28, 1992 Niagara Falls) was an Italian baseball player.

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Lorenzo Costa

Lorenzo Costa (April 5, 1460 Ferrara-May 3, 1535 Mantua) was an Italian personality.

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Bernardo Tasso

Bernardo Tasso (November 11, 1493 Bergamo-September 5, 1569 Mantua) was an Italian personality. He had one child, Torquato Tasso.

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Natalia Ginzburg

Natalia Ginzburg (July 14, 1916 Palermo-October 7, 1991 Rome) a.k.a. Natalia Ginzberg, Natalia Levi or Alessandra Tornimparte was an Italian writer, novelist and screenwriter. Her children are Carlo Ginzburg, Antonio Baldini, Susanna Baldini, Andrea Ginzburg and Alessandra Ginzburg.

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Girolamo Genga

Girolamo Genga (April 5, 1476 Urbino-July 11, 1551 Urbino) was an Italian personality. His child is called Bartolommeo Genga.

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Ippolito Pindemonte

Ippolito Pindemonte (November 13, 1753 Verona-November 18, 1828) was an Italian poet.

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Victor de Sabata

Victor de Sabata (April 10, 1892 Trieste-December 11, 1967 Santa Margherita Ligure) also known as Sabata, Victor de or Victor De Sabata was an Italian composer and conductor. He had one child, Eliana De Sabata.

His most well known albums: Great Opera Recordings: Tosca and Tosca.

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Bruno Mattei

Bruno Mattei (July 30, 1931 Rome-May 21, 2007 Ostia) also known as Vincent Dawn, Pierre Le Blanc, Martin Miller, David Hunt, Stefan Oblowsky, J. Metheus, Erik Montgomery, A. Swyftte, Michael Cardoso, William Snyder, Herik Montgomery, J.B. Matthews, B. Mattei, Bob Hunter, Jordan B. Matthews, Frank Klox, Norman Dawn, Gilbert Roussel, Jimmy Matheus, David Graham, Jimmy B. Metheus, George Smith, Jimmy B. Matheus, The Italian Ed Wood, Jordon B. Matthews, Werner Knox or Anthony Pass was an Italian film director, screenwriter, film editor and film producer.

He died caused by brain tumor.

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Renato Guttuso

Renato Guttuso (December 26, 1911 Bagheria-January 18, 1987 Rome) a.k.a. Aldo Renato Guttuso was an Italian politician and painter. He had one child, Fabio Carapezza Guttuso.

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Sergio Cervato

Sergio Cervato (October 22, 1929 Carmignano di Brenta-October 9, 2005 Florence) was an Italian personality.

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Leone Sinigaglia

Leone Sinigaglia (August 14, 1868 Turin-May 16, 1944 Turin) was an Italian composer.

Genres related to him: Chamber music, Art song and Classical music.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Vincenzo Florio

Vincenzo Florio (March 18, 1883 Sicily-January 6, 1959) was an Italian winemaker.

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Eraldo Monzeglio

Eraldo Monzeglio (June 5, 1906 Vignale Monferrato-November 3, 1981 Turin) was an Italian personality.

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Franco Manfroi

Franco Manfroi (June 11, 1939-April 5, 2015) was an Italian personality.

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