Italian music stars died in Stabbing

Here are 1 famous musicians from Italy died in Stabbing:

Alessandro Stradella

Alessandro Stradella (April 3, 1639 Rome-February 25, 1682 Genoa) a.k.a. A. Stradella or Stradella, Alessandro was an Italian composer, impresario and voice teacher.

His albums: San Giovanni Battista (Les Musiciens du Louvre feat. conductor: Marc Minkowski). His related genres: Opera and Baroque music.

Alessandro Stradella is known as one of the most prominent composers of his time, particularly in the Baroque era of Italian music. He was born in Rome to a noble family, and began his music education at a young age. Stradella was known for his vocal compositions and operas, which often featured virtuosic arias and duets. He also worked as an impresario, managing productions of his own works and those of other composers. Despite his success, Stradella also had a turbulent personal life, which included numerous affairs and even a failed assassination attempt on his life. He eventually moved to Genoa, where he continued to compose and teach voice until he was tragically murdered at the age of 42. Despite his relatively short life, Alessandro Stradella's legacy has had a lasting impact on Baroque music, and his works continue to be performed and admired today.

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