Jamaican music stars born in 1955

Here are 5 famous musicians from Jamaica were born in 1955:

Johnny Clarke

Johnny Clarke (January 12, 1955 Kingston-) also known as Johhny Clarke, Clarke, Johnny, Johnnie Clarke, Clarke, Johnnie, Johnny Clark or Clark, Johnny is a Jamaican , .

His albums: Authorised Rockers, A Ruffer Version: Johnny Clarke at King Tubby's 1974-78, Be Thankful, Blood Dunza, Dreader Dread 1976-1978, Rockers Time Now, Don't Trouble Trouble, Originally Mr. Clarke, The Bunny Lee Years and Sings in Fine Style. Genres he performed include Reggae.

Johnny Clarke is a renowned Jamaican singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born on January 12, 1955, in Kingston, Jamaica. He is known for his distinctive vocals and his contribution to the development of reggae music. Clarke rose to prominence in the 1970s with hits such as "None Shall Escape the Judgment," "Move Out of Babylon," and "Every Knee Shall Bow." He has released numerous albums throughout his career, including "Authorised Rockers," "Rockers Time Now," and "Sings in Fine Style."

In addition to his solo work, Clarke has collaborated with several notable reggae artists, including King Tubby, Bunny Lee, and Augustus Pablo. He is also credited with discovering and promoting the talents of other artists, such as Sugar Minott and Earl 16. Clarke is celebrated for his conscious lyrics, which often address social and political issues.

Over the years, Johnny Clarke has received several accolades for his contribution to reggae music. In 2012, he was awarded the Order of Distinction by the Jamaican government for his outstanding contribution to the music industry. His music continues to inspire a new generation of reggae artists, and he remains an important figure in the genre's history.

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Basil Gabbidon

Basil Gabbidon (October 29, 1955 Jamaica-) also known as Gabbidon, Basil is a Jamaican singer.

Genres he performed include Reggae and Blue Beat.

Basil Gabbidon was born in Jamaica in 1955 and grew up in Kingston. He began his music career at a young age, performing in local clubs and talent shows. In the early 1970s, Gabbidon became a member of the band The Slickers, who were known for their hit song "Johnny Too Bad."

After leaving The Slickers, Gabbidon formed his own band, Basil Gabbidon and the Blue Beat Players. They gained popularity in Jamaica and released several albums, including "Basil Gabbidon Sings the Blues" and "Gabbidon at Work."

In the late 1970s, Gabbidon moved to the United Kingdom and became part of the thriving reggae scene in London. He performed with bands such as Matumbi and Aswad, and recorded several albums as a solo artist.

Throughout his career, Gabbidon has been known for his smooth voice and unique fusion of reggae and blues music. He continues to perform and record music to this day.

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Edi Fitzroy

Edi Fitzroy (November 17, 1955 Chapelton, Jamaica-) also known as Eddie Fitzroy or Fitzroy, Edi is a Jamaican songwriter and singer.

His albums: Peace and Love. Genres he performed include Reggae.

Edi Fitzroy was born in the small town of Chapelton, Jamaica, on November 17, 1955. He grew up in poverty and started singing at an early age. Fitzroy was influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Burning Spear, among others.

In the early 1980s, Fitzroy gained popularity in Jamaica with his socially conscious lyrics and powerful voice. He released his debut album, "Youthman Penitentiary," in 1982, which addressed the issue of youth incarceration in Jamaican prisons. His hit songs include "Princess Black," "The Gun," and "First Class Citizen."

Fitzroy was also known for his activism and advocacy for the rights of the marginalized in Jamaican society. He was a founding member of the Jamaica Association of Artists and Affiliates of Ras Tafari (JAAR), a group that sought to empower artists and promote Rastafarian culture.

Fitzroy continued to record music and tour throughout his career, and he released his last album, "Music Alone" in 2001. Sadly, he passed away on March 4, 2017, at the age of 61, leaving behind a legacy as one of Jamaica's most socially conscious and talented singers.

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Earl "Chinna" Smith

Earl "Chinna" Smith (August 6, 1955 Kingston-) also known as Earl Smith, Earl Chinna Smith, Chinna, Smith, Earl "Chinna" or Earl Flute is a Jamaican guitarist and musician.

Discography: Dub It! and Earth Tones. Genres: Reggae.

Earl "Chinna" Smith is considered one of the greatest guitarists in the history of Jamaican music. He began his career as a session musician and quickly earned a reputation for his virtuoso playing style, particularly on the distinctive style of reggae known as "dub."

In addition to his work in the studio, Smith has toured extensively with some of the most famous reggae artists of all time, including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Jimmy Cliff. He has also recorded several albums as a bandleader, including Dub It! and Earth Tones, which showcase his unique blend of traditional roots reggae and innovative dub techniques.

Smith is also known for his work as a flautist, and has incorporated the instrument into many of his recordings and live performances. Despite suffering a stroke in 2015, he continues to perform and record music to this day, inspiring countless musicians around the world with his unparalleled talent and dedication to the art of reggae.

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Beres Hammond

Beres Hammond (August 28, 1955 Annotto Bay-) also known as Berres Hammond or Hammond, Beres is a Jamaican singer-songwriter and singer.

His albums: A Day in the Life, A Love Affair, Beres Hammond & Friends, Beres Hammond, Best of Beres Hammond, Collectors Series, Full Attention, Getting Stronger, Groovy Little Thing and Have a Nice Week End. Genres: Reggae.

Beres Hammond has been active in the music industry since the 1970s and has become one of the most iconic figures in reggae. He is known for his soulful voice, which has been likened to that of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding.

Hammond's music often deals with themes of love, relationships, and social justice. He has collaborated with many other artists throughout his career, including Buju Banton, Marcia Griffiths, and Maxi Priest.

In addition to his music, Hammond has also been involved in several philanthropic efforts. He founded the Beres Hammond Foundation with the goal of promoting education and providing opportunities for young people in Jamaica.

Despite his success, Hammond has remained humble and dedicated to his craft. He continues to tour and release new music, and has won numerous awards throughout his career, including the Order of Distinction from the Jamaican government.

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