Jamaican music stars died in Stroke

Here are 3 famous musicians from Jamaica died in Stroke:

Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey (August 17, 1887 Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica-June 10, 1940 London) was a Jamaican journalist, writer and publisher.

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Errol Thompson

Errol Thompson (December 29, 1948-November 13, 2004) also known as Errol T or Thompson, Errol was a Jamaican engineer and record producer.

His most important albums: The Black Foundation in Dub. Genres: Dub and Reggae.

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Lloyd Brevett

Lloyd Brevett (August 1, 1931 Kingston-May 3, 2012 Saint Andrew Parish) a.k.a. Lloyd Bennet, Lloyd Brevette or Brevette, Lloyd was a Jamaican , .

Genres: Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady.

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