Japanese movie stars died at 63

Here are 3 famous actors from Japan died at 63:

Jūshirō Konoe

Jūshirō Konoe (April 10, 1914 Nagaoka-May 24, 1977 Nantan) a.k.a. Torahiko Meguro, Meguro Torahiko, Konoe Jushiro, Toraichi Megro, Jûshirô Konoe or Toraichi Meguro was a Japanese actor. He had two children, Hiroki Matsukata and Yuki Meguro.

He died as a result of cerebral hemorrhage.

Jūshirō Konoe was born in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, and began his acting career in the 1930s. He appeared in over 200 films in his lifetime, often playing the role of the villain or the stern authority figure. Some of his most notable film credits include "The Sword" (1949), "Seven Samurai" (1954), and "Yojimbo" (1961), all directed by Akira Kurosawa. He was also a frequent collaborator with director Yasujirō Ozu, appearing in several of his films, including "Early Spring" (1956) and "Tokyo Twilight" (1957). In addition to his film work, Konoe also appeared in stage productions and television dramas. He was known for his deep, resonant voice and his imposing physical presence on screen. Despite his success as an actor, Konoe was reportedly a private person who kept to himself off-set. He died at the age of 63 from a cerebral hemorrhage.

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Hajime Hana

Hajime Hana (February 9, 1930 Toshima-September 10, 1993) a.k.a. Nonomiya Sadao, Hana Hajime or Sadao Nonoyama was a Japanese actor and drummer.

Hajime Hana initially began his career as a drummer for a jazz band, but his love for acting led him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. He appeared in over 200 films throughout his career, working with some of Japan's most renowned directors, including Akira Kurosawa and Kinji Fukasaku. In addition to his work in film, Hana also appeared in several TV dramas and stage productions. He won several awards for his performances, including the Best Actor award at the Mainichi Film Awards in 1964. Hana was known for his versatile acting skills, playing a wide range of characters ranging from comedic to dramatic roles. He remained an active member of the entertainment industry until his passing in 1993, leaving behind a legacy as one of Japan's most prominent actors.

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Eisuke Takizawa

Eisuke Takizawa (September 6, 1902 Mita, Minato, Tokyo-November 29, 1965) also known as Eiichi Nariyama, Kinpachi Kajiwara, Ken Takizawa or Takizawa Eisuke was a Japanese film director, screenwriter and actor.

He died in nephritis.

During his career, Takizawa directed more than 120 films and wrote over 60 screenplays. He started his career in the film industry as an assistant director and worked under Yasujirō Ozu. He later became a successful director in his own right and was known for his work in the crime and suspense genres. Some of his most notable works include "Pale Flower" (1964), "The Ghost Cat and the Mysterious Shamisen" (1959) and "The Viper Brothers and Younger Sister" (1959). Besides directing and screenwriting, Takizawa also acted in a few films and was a member of the Japan Academy Prize Association.

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