Japanese actors died because of Colorectal cancer

Here are 4 famous actors from Japan died in Colorectal cancer:

Daisuke Katō

Daisuke Katō (February 18, 1911 Asakusa, Tokyo-July 31, 1975) also known as Tokunosuke Katō, Katô Daisuke, Katō Tokunosuke, Ichikawa Enji, Daisake Kato or Gyû-chan was a Japanese actor. He had one child, Haruyuki Katō.

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Hideo Kanze

Hideo Kanze (August 3, 1927 Tokyo-June 8, 2007 Tokyo) also known as 観世榮夫, Kanze Hideo, 観世 栄夫 or かんぜ ひでお was a Japanese actor and theatre director.

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Masayuki Mori

Masayuki Mori (January 13, 1911 Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo-October 7, 1973 Tokyo) otherwise known as Yukimitsu Arishima, Mori Masayuki, Arishima Yukimitsu, ありしま ゆきみつ, もり まさゆき, 有島 行光 or 森 雅之 was a Japanese actor. He had two children, Aoi Nakajima and Junkichi Arishima.

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Teiji Ōmiya

Teiji Ōmiya (November 22, 1928 Hachioji-December 23, 1994) also known as Ōmiya Teiji or Teiji Oomiya was a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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