Japanese actors died because of Prostate cancer

Here are 2 famous actors from Japan died in Prostate cancer:

Kinji Fukasaku

Kinji Fukasaku (July 3, 1930 Mito-January 12, 2003 Tokyo) also known as Fukasaku Kinji was a Japanese screenwriter, film director and actor. His child is called Kenta Fukasaku.

Fukasaku was born in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. He began his career in the film industry at the age of 22, working as an assistant director for Toei Studios. He made his directorial debut in 1961 with the film "Wandering Detective: Black Wind in the Harbor."

Fukasaku is best known for his work in the yakuza film genre, notably with the "Battles Without Honor and Humanity" series from the 1970s. He also directed international hits such as "Battle Royale" in 2000. In addition to his work in film, Fukasaku also directed a number of television dramas.

Throughout his career, Fukasaku received several awards and honors for his contributions to the film industry, including the Purple Medal of Honor from the Japanese government in 1997. He passed away in 2003 in Tokyo at the age of 72.

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Shoichi Ozawa

Shoichi Ozawa (April 6, 1929 Tokyo-December 10, 2012 Tokyo) also known as Shôichi Ozawa, 小澤 昭一, おざわ しょういち, 小沢 昭一, Ozawa Shôichi or 小沢変哲 was a Japanese actor, radio personality, singer and film producer.

Ozawa began his career in the entertainment industry in 1950 as a radio personality. He then transitioned into acting and appeared in numerous films and TV dramas throughout his career. Some of his notable roles include his portrayal of Kihachi in the film "The Human Condition" and Kozo Tsumura in the TV drama "Shimane Prison Riot". Ozawa was also a prolific singer and released several albums throughout his career. In addition to acting and singing, he also produced films such as "The Sea and Poison" and "The Demon". Ozawa received numerous awards for his contributions to the entertainment industry including the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette in 2007.

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