Japanese movie stars born in 1969

Here are 11 famous actresses from Japan were born in 1969:

Naomi Kawase

Naomi Kawase (May 30, 1969 Nara-) also known as Sentō Naomi, Naomi Sento, Kawase Naomi or Naomi Sendo is a Japanese film director, screenwriter, film editor, film producer, cinematographer and actor.

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Chisa Yokoyama

Chisa Yokoyama (December 20, 1969 Sumida, Tokyo-) also known as Yokoyama Chisa is a Japanese singer, actor, voice actor and presenter.

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Yuriko Ishida

Yuriko Ishida (October 3, 1969 Nagoya-) a.k.a. Ishida Yuriko is a Japanese actor, essayist, voice actor and entrepreneur.

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Jun Shibuki

Jun Shibuki (November 19, 1969 Oizumi-) also known as Tanazawa Rika or Shibuki Jun is a Japanese actor.

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Kakko (September 23, 1969 Minoh-) also known as 鈴木 香公子, すずき かくこ, KAKKO, すずき あんじゅ, Kakuko Yamagata, Yamagata Kakuko, Kakuko Suzuki, Suzuki Kakuko, Anju Suzuki, Suzuki Anju or やまがた かくこ is a Japanese singer and actor.

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Yui Asaka

Yui Asaka (December 4, 1969 Miyazaki-) also known as Aki Kawasaki or Asaka Yui is a Japanese actor and singer. Her child is called .

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Chisato Moritaka

Chisato Moritaka (April 11, 1969 Ibaraki-) a.k.a. Moritaka Chisato, Chisato Eguchi or Eguchi Chisato is a Japanese drummer, singer and actor.

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Reiko Yasuhara

Reiko Yasuhara (October 18, 1969 Yokohama-) is a Japanese singer, voice actor and actor.

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Yasuko Tomita

Yasuko Tomita (February 27, 1969 Shime-) a.k.a. Tomita Yasuko is a Japanese actor.

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Reiko Hayama

Reiko Hayama (July 13, 1969 Nagoya-) also known as Hayama Reiko is a Japanese actor and singer.

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Kyoko Inoue

Kyoko Inoue (April 22, 1969 Nanyō-) also known as Kyôko Inoue is a Japanese actor.

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