Japanese actresses died because of Liver failure

Here are 1 famous actresses from Japan died in Liver failure:

Sumiko Hidaka

Sumiko Hidaka (March 5, 1923 Niigata Prefecture-August 1, 2002 Ōta, Tokyo) also known as Tomiko Taniguchi or Hidaka Sumiko was a Japanese actor.

She began her career as a stage actress in the 1940s and later transitioned to film and television in the 1950s. Hidaka appeared in over 100 films and television dramas throughout her career, often portraying strong-willed and independent women. She was particularly known for her roles in jidaigeki, historical dramas set in feudal Japan. Hidaka also worked as a director and producer in the entertainment industry. In 1997, she was honored with a Medal of Honor for her contributions to Japanese culture.

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