Japanese musicians born in 1944

Here are 10 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1944:


Mugihito (August 8, 1944 Musashino-) a.k.a. Makoto Terada, Terada Makoto, Mugihito Amachi, Mugihito Tenchi or Amachi Mugihito is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Taro Ishida

Taro Ishida (March 16, 1944 Kyoto-September 21, 2013 Sagamihara) also known as Gentarō Ishida, Ishida Tarō or Tarô Ishida was a Japanese actor and voice actor.

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Masato Shimon

Masato Shimon (January 4, 1944-) also known as 子門眞人, Shimon Masato, Shimon, Masato or Simon Masato is a Japanese singer.

His albums include , , , , and .

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Ryōtarō Sugi

Ryōtarō Sugi (August 14, 1944 Nagata-ku, Kobe-) also known as Katsuhiko Yamada, Sugi Ryōtarō, Ryotaro Sugi or Sugi, Ryotaro is a Japanese singer and actor. His child is called Jundai Yamada.

His albums include , , , , , , , , and .

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Kazuo Funaki

Kazuo Funaki (December 12, 1944-) also known as Funaki, Kazuo is a Japanese singer.

His albums include 高校三年生.

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Tomohiro Nishikado

Tomohiro Nishikado (March 31, 1944 Osaka-) otherwise known as Nishikado Tomohiro is a Japanese video game designer, engineer and technical advisor.

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Monta Mino

Monta Mino (August 22, 1944 Setagaya-) a.k.a. Norio Minorikawa or Minosan is a Japanese presenter and actor. He has two children, Hayato Minorikawa and Yuto Minorikawa.

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Hideki Ishima

Hideki Ishima (March 21, 1944 Sapporo-) is a Japanese film score composer and musician.

Genres he performed: Psychedelic rock, Hindustani classical music and Rock music.

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Shoji Tabuchi

Shoji Tabuchi (April 16, 1944 Japan-) is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Different Moods Collection One. Genres he performed: Country and Gospel music.

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Kei Ogura

Kei Ogura (January 18, 1944 Tokyo-) also known as Ogura, Kei or 神田紘爾 is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

His albums: 泣かせて, Début, TREASURE COLLECTION, , , , , , and .

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