Japanese musicians born in 1962

Here are 39 famous musicians from Japan were born in 1962:

Hiroki Kikuta

Hiroki Kikuta (August 29, 1962 Aichi Prefecture-) a.k.a. 菊田裕樹, Hirokei Kikuta, Secret of Mana, Kikuta, Hiroki, きくた ゆうき, Yuki Kikuta or Kikuta Yuki is a Japanese musician, composer and game designer.

His albums include secret of mana +, 聖剣伝説3 Original Sound Version, 双界儀 オリジナル・サウンドトラック, 聖剣伝説2 Original Sound Version, Lost Files, Secret of Mana Official Soundtrack, Alphabet Planet, metaphasic child, and . Genres he performed: Rock music and Fusion.

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Kōji Tsujitani

Kōji Tsujitani (April 26, 1962 Kodaira-) a.k.a. Koji Tsujitani, Tsujitani Kōji, Kouji Tsujitani or Yasufumi Tsujitani is a Japanese voice actor, actor and director of audiography.

His albums include .

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Toshihiko Seki

Toshihiko Seki (June 11, 1962 Tochigi-) also known as Seki Toshihiko or Seki, Toshihiko is a Japanese voice actor, actor and singer.

His albums: 「最遊記RELOAD」「最遊記RELOAD GUNLOCK」テーマソング + BGM集.

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Satomi Kōrogi

Satomi Kōrogi (November 14, 1962 Musashino-) a.k.a. Satomi Kourogi, Koorogi Satomi, Kōrogi Satomi, Satomi Kohrogi, Satomi Kurohgi, Satomi Korogi, KoorogiSatomi, Xing梠Satomi, Mie - chan or Satomi Koorogi is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

Her albums include .

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Miki Itō

Miki Itō (October 21, 1962 Tokyo-) also known as Miki Hirano, Ito Miki, Miki Itô, Miki Itou, Mika Hirano or Mika Itou is a Japanese voice actor and singer.

Her albums include Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Original Soundtrack 04 and Character Image Song Special ~fujimura Taiga & Ilya~.

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Sakiko Tamagawa

Sakiko Tamagawa (January 20, 1962 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Tamagawa Sakiko, Sakiko Ikeda or Ikeda Sakiko is a Japanese singer, actor, voice actor and voice acting in japan.

Her albums: Taiho shichauzo - Natsumi File.

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Fumiya Fujii

Fumiya Fujii (July 11, 1962 Kurume-) also known as 藤井フミヤ, 藤井郁弥, Fujii Fumiya, ふじい フミヤ or ふじい ふみや is a Japanese singer-songwriter and actor.

His albums: Another Orion, Singles, DAYS, DO NOT, Go the Distance, TEARS, Time machine, Age of Wind, TRUE LOVE and LADY SISTER BABY. Genres he performed: J-pop.

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Tomoyasu Hotei

Tomoyasu Hotei (February 1, 1962 Takasaki-) also known as Tomoyasu Hotei and Ray Cooper , Hotei, Tomoyasu, HOTEI, COMPLEX or BOØWY is a Japanese guitarist, actor, musician, record producer, composer and singer-songwriter.

His most important albums: Guitarhythm, Guitarhythm IV, King & Queen, Circus, Supersonic Generation, Samurai Fiction, Greatest Hits 1990-1999, Russian Roulette, Scorpio Rising and Doberman. Genres related to him: Music of Japan and Rock music.

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Daiki Nakamura

Daiki Nakamura (December 15, 1962 Tokyo-) also known as Nakamura Daiki is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Masashi Sugawara

Masashi Sugawara (July 14, 1962 Kanagawa Prefecture-) also known as Sugawara Masashi is a Japanese voice actor.

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Hisao Egawa

Hisao Egawa (September 13, 1962 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Egawa Isao or Egawa Hisao is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Atsuko Tanaka

Atsuko Tanaka (November 14, 1962 Maebashi-) a.k.a. Tanaka Atsuko, Atuko Tanaka or Tanaka, Atsuko is a Japanese voice actor and musician.

Her albums include Fate/stay night キャラクターイメージソングV:キャスター.

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Tamao Hayashi

Tamao Hayashi (August 23, 1962 Kanagawa Prefecture-) is a Japanese voice actor.

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Tōru Furusawa

Tōru Furusawa (August 3, 1962 Maebashi-) a.k.a. Tooru Furusawa, Tohru Furusawa or Furusawa, Tooru is a Japanese voice actor.

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Gota Yashiki

Gota Yashiki (February 26, 1962 Kyoto-) also known as Gota, 屋敷豪太 or Yashiki, Gota is a Japanese drummer, musician and film score composer.

His discography includes: The Best of Gota, It’s So Different Here, Day & Night, Let’s Get Started, Something, , In The Mood For Hawaii and YASHIKI GOTA/FOOTBALL SONGS 2002. Genres: Pop music, Rock music and Acid jazz.

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Seiko Matsuda

Seiko Matsuda (March 10, 1962 Kurume-) also known as Kamachi Noriko, Noriko Kanda, Kanda Noriko, Eternal idol or Noriko Kamachi is a Japanese singer, songwriter, actor and lyricist. She has one child, Sayaka Kanda.

Her most well known albums: Glorious Revolution, Bible II, Pineapple, , Seiko Remixes 2000, We Are Love, Baby’s breath, Citron, Windy Shadow and . Genres she performed: J-pop, Kayōkyoku and Pop music.

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Diamond Yukai

Diamond Yukai (March 12, 1962 Tanashi, Tokyo-) also known as DIAMOND✡YUKAI, Tadokoro Yutaka, Yutaka Tadokoro or DIAMOND☆YUKAI is a Japanese actor and singer. His children are Niina Tadokoro, Raion Tadokoro and Sion Tadokoro.

Genres he performed: Rock and roll.

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Hayashiya Shōzō IX

Hayashiya Shōzō IX (December 1, 1962 Taitō-) also known as Shozo Hayashiya, Kobuhei Hayashiya, Yasutaka Ebina, Shōzō Hayashiya IX, Hayashiya Kobuhei, Ebina Yasutaka or Hayashiya Shozo is a Japanese voice actor, comedian, tarento, presenter, teacher and actor.

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Yūji Machi

Yūji Machi (August 8, 1962 Kawasaki-) a.k.a. Machi Yūji, Shōji Tanabe, Tanabe Shōji or Shūji Tanabe is a Japanese voice actor and narrator.

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Toshihiko Nakajima

Toshihiko Nakajima (August 12, 1962 Nagoya-) otherwise known as Nakajima Toshihiko, Satohiko Nakajima or Akihiko Nakajima is a Japanese voice actor, director of audiography and actor.

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Kō Machida

Kō Machida (January 15, 1962 Japan-) also known as Machizo Machida, Kou Machida, Machida Yasushi, 町田 康 or Machida Ko is a Japanese writer, actor, singer and poet.

His most recognized albums: and .

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Kaoru Wada

Kaoru Wada (May 5, 1962 Shimonoseki-) a.k.a. Wada Kaoru, Kaori Wada or Wada, Kaoru is a Japanese composer, conductor, pianist and music arranger.

His discography includes: 3x3 Eyes: Divine Demon Legend - Descendent Ballad II, Inuyasha Movie, Inuyasha Ongakusenshu, Record of Lodoss War TV OST 2, Record of Lodoss War TV OST 3, Silent Mobius Movie 1 OST, Inuyasha Movie 2: Kagami no naka no Mugenjo, Swords Of An Honorable Ruler, and Inuyasha TV OST.

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Narumi Tsunoda

Narumi Tsunoda (March 14, 1962 Tokyo-) also known as Tsunoda Narumi (角田成美), 角田 成美, つのだ なるみ (角田成美), つのだなるみ (角田成美), 津野田なるみ, つのだ なるみ, 津野田 なるみ, つのだなるみ, Tsunoda Narumi, Tsunoda, Narumi or 角田成美 is a Japanese voice actor.

Her albums include .

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Toshinobu Kubota

Toshinobu Kubota (July 24, 1962 Shizuoka Prefecture-) also known as 久保田 利伸, Kubota Toshinobu, Toshi Kubota, Kubota, Toshinobu, 久保田利坤, くぼた としのぶ, ファンキー久保田 or Funky Kubota is a Japanese singer and musician.

His most important albums: Bumpin' Voyage, Such A Funky Thang!, The Baddest III, Sunshine, Moonlight, Soul Bangin' Special Remix, , Nothing but Your Love, Tomorrow Waltz, Shake It Paradise and Time to Share. His related genres: Pop music, Soul music, Reggae, Dance music, Contemporary R&B, Go-go, Jazz, Psychedelic music, Blues, Neo soul and Funk.

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Noriko Hidaka

Noriko Hidaka (May 31, 1962 Chiyoda, Tokyo-) also known as Hibaka Noriko, Hidaka, Noriko, Noriko Nagai, Nonko, Noriko Itō or Nagai Noriko is a Japanese singer, voice actor, actor and radio personality.

Her most well known albums: Be Natural, Breath of air, MEGA BABE, NONKO, PERSONAL 2, Paradise, Personal, Time Capsule, お宝ソングブック and チャイナさんの憂鬱.

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Masaki Terasoma

Masaki Terasoma (May 8, 1962 Nishinomiya-) is a Japanese actor and voice actor. He has one child, Aya Terasoma.

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Masakazu Katsura

Masakazu Katsura (December 10, 1962 Fukui Prefecture-) also known as Katsura, Masakazu is a Japanese mangaka.

Related albums: Video Girl Ai 2nd and Video Girl Ai Soundtrack Vol.I.

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Lisa Ono

Lisa Ono (July 29, 1962 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Ono Lisa is a Japanese singer.

Her albums: Essência, Questa bossa mia... Con alcune delle piu belle canzoni italiane, Dans mon île, Amigos, As Time Goes By, Dream, Lisa's Ono Bossa Hula Nova, Naima, NAIMA ~meu anjo~ and Pretty World. Genres she performed include Bossa nova.

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Mako Hyōdō

Mako Hyōdō (September 7, 1962 Tokyo-) also known as Mako Hyodo, Mako Hyoudou or Hyōdō Mako is a Japanese actor, voice actor, japanese idol, singer and model.

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Shoko Sawada

Shoko Sawada (March 13, 1962 Shinjuku-) is a Japanese singer and songwriter.

Discography: , SOUVENIR, and . Genres she performed: J-pop.

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Toll Yagami

Toll Yagami (August 19, 1962 Takasaki-) also known as Yagami Toll, Yagami, Toll, ヤガミトール, Toru Yagami or Takashi Higuchi is a Japanese musician and drummer.

Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Katsuhiko Nakagawa

Katsuhiko Nakagawa (July 20, 1962 Tokyo-September 17, 1994) also known as Nakagawa Katsuhiko was a Japanese presenter, model and singer. He had one child, Shoko Nakagawa.

His discography includes: HUMAN RHYTHM, , FROM PUBERTY, , , and DOUBLE FEATURE. Genres he performed include Music of Japan.

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Demon Kakka

Demon Kakka (November 10, 1962 Shibuya-) a.k.a. Demon Kogure, デーモン閣下, デーモン小暮閣下, Dēmon Kogure Kakka, Dēmon Kakka, デーモンかっか, デーモンこぐれかっか, Demon Kogure kakka or Dêmon Kogure is a Japanese singer, songwriter, actor, author, critic, music video director, record producer, theatrical producer, radio personality and film director.

His albums: GIRLS’ ROCK, , , , GIRLS’ ROCK√Hakurai, , and . Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Visual kei, Dance music, Rock music, Pop music and J-pop.

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Kan (September 24, 1962 Fukuoka-) is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

His albums include LIVE 弾き語りばったり #7 〜ウルトラタブン〜 全会場から全曲収録, 世界でいちばん好きな人, IDEAS〜the very best of KAN〜, , Best Singles FIRST DECADE, よければ一緒に, , , SUPERFAKER and Songs Out of Bounds. Genres he performed: Pop music, Soft rock, Pop rock and New Wave.

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Okamura Takako

Okamura Takako (January 29, 1962 Okazaki-) also known as Takako Okamura is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

Discography: Sweet Hearts, After Tone, Mistral, Best BEST, TEAR DROPS, After Tone II, , SOLEIL, and Eau Du Ciel.

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Mari Hamada

Mari Hamada (July 18, 1962 Tokyo-) also known as Hamada Mari, はまだ まり or 浜田 麻里 is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

Discography: Return to Myself, Anti-Heroine, COLORS, Heart and Soul “The Singles”, IN THE PRECIOUS AGE, Inclination, LOVE NEVER TURNS AGAINST, Persona, Sincerely and TOMORROW. Genres she performed include Rock and roll, Heavy metal and Album-oriented rock.

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DJ Krush

DJ Krush (July 29, 1962 Ibaraki Prefecture-) a.k.a. D.J. Krush, DJ Crush, Krush, DJ or Hideaki Ishi is a Japanese disc jockey, record producer, composer and film score composer.

His albums include Krush, Kakusei, 深層 "The Message at the Depth", 寂 jaku, Stepping Stones: The Self-Remixed Best -Soundscapes-, Stepping Stones: The Self-Remixed Best, A Whim / 89.9 Megamix / Yeah, 迷走 Another Maze, Meiso and Meiso. Genres he performed: Turntablism, Trip hop and Hip hop music.

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Shiro Sasaki

Shiro Sasaki (March 28, 1962 Dalian-) also known as SASAKI, Shirou, 佐々木史朗 or Shirô Sasaki is a Japanese trumpeter, film producer, music producer and television producer.

His albums: Move On.

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Masatoshi Mashima

Masatoshi Mashima (February 20, 1962 Hino-) also known as Mashima, Masatoshi is a Japanese musician.

Discography: HAPPY SONGS, RAW LIFE, 夏のぬけがら and . Genres: Punk rock and Rock and roll.

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