Japanese musicians died because of Renal failure

Here are 1 famous musicians from Japan died in Renal failure:

Kōji Yada

Kōji Yada (April 15, 1933 Tokyo Prefecture-May 1, 2014 Tokyo) also known as Koji Yada, Kouji Yada, Kohji Yada or Yada Kōji was a Japanese voice actor.

He was best known for his iconic roles in anime series such as Captain Hook in the Japanese dub of Disney's "Peter Pan", Dracula in "Castlevania", Daizyujin in "Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger", and Don Kan'onji in "Bleach". Yada started his career in voice acting at the age of 20 and with over 50 years of experience, he had become one of the most well-respected actors in the industry. He was also known for his work as a narrator in many television programs and documentaries. Yada passed away in 2014 due to an acute heart failure at the age of 81.

Throughout his career, Yada voiced many memorable characters that left a lasting impression on fans of Japanese animation. He was also renowned for his ability to imbue his characters with a unique personality and expressiveness that made them stand out. Some of his other notable roles in anime and video games include Captain Hook in "Peter Pan no Bouken", Zatch's father in "Zatch Bell!", Dr. Hell in "Mazinger Z", Danbei Hayami in "Space Battleship Yamato", and Hyena in "One Piece". Yada's legacy in the voice acting industry continues to inspire many aspiring voice actors in Japan and around the world.

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