Kenyan musicians died at 61

Here are 1 famous musicians from Kenya died at 61:

Zeituni Onyango

Zeituni Onyango (May 29, 1952 British Kenya-April 7, 2014 Boston) was a Kenyan programmer.

Zeituni Onyango was also known for being the half-sister of former United States President Barack Obama. She moved to the United States in 2000 and was ordered to leave in 2004, but remained in the country and ultimately received asylum in 2010. Onyango became an advocate for immigrants' rights and was involved in many community organizations before her passing. She also worked as a computer programmer for several companies during her time in the United States.

During her time in the United States, Zeituni Onyango lived a very private life, but she gained public attention during the 2008 U.S. presidential election when it was revealed that she was living in the country illegally. Her immigration status became a talking point in the media, and her relationship to Obama brought even more attention to the topic.

Onyango's fight for immigration rights began after her own struggles to stay in the country, and she quickly became an advocate for others in similar situations. She worked with organizations such as the Women's Refugee Commission and the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition to help others navigate the complex and often daunting process of seeking asylum.

Her legacy continues to inspire others to fight for justice and equality, and her story serves as a reminder of the importance of immigrant rights in the United States.

Despite facing many difficult challenges, Zeituni Onyango remained resilient and committed to her work for the rights of immigrants in the United States. She was a dedicated advocate for women and children, and her work helped to shed light on important issues surrounding immigration and asylum in the country.

Zeituni Onyango was also known for her strong character and unwavering determination. Her story of overcoming adversity and achieving success serves as an inspiration to many, and her contributions to the immigrant rights movement will not be forgotten.

In addition to her work as a programmer and advocate for immigrants' rights, Zeituni Onyango was also a beloved member of her community. She was known for her kindness, generosity, and compassion, and her passing was deeply mourned by those who knew her.

Today, Zeituni Onyango's legacy lives on through the organizations and causes she supported, as well as through those who were inspired by her life and work. She will always be remembered as a powerful voice for justice and equality, and as a symbol of the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

She died in breast cancer.

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