Lithuanian music stars died at age 69

Here are 5 famous musicians from Lithuania died at 69:

Zvi Griliches

Zvi Griliches (September 12, 1930 Kaunas-November 4, 1999 Cambridge) was a Lithuanian scientist and economist.

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Adolfas Jucys

Adolfas Jucys (September 12, 1904 Russian Empire-February 4, 1974 Vilnius) was a Lithuanian rector, mathematician, physicist and teacher. His child is Algimantas Adolfas Jucys.

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Maurice Cass

Maurice Cass (October 12, 1884 Vilnius-June 8, 1954 Hollywood) was a Lithuanian actor.

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Maironis (November 2, 1862 Raseiniai District Municipality-June 28, 1932 Kaunas) was a Lithuanian poet, rector and professor.

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Jonas Jablonskis

Jonas Jablonskis (December 30, 1860 Šakiai District Municipality-February 23, 1930 Kaunas) a.k.a. Petras Kriaušaitis or Rygiškių Jonas was a Lithuanian personality. His children are Konstantinas Jablonskis, Ona Jablonskytė-Landsbergienė, Julija Jablonskytė-Petkevičienė, Vytautas Jablonskis and Jonas Jablonskis.

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