Mexican actors who deceased at age 42

Here are 1 famous actors from Mexico died at 42:

Jorge Negrete

Jorge Negrete (November 30, 1911 Guanajuato-December 5, 1953 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno, George Negrete, El Charro Cantor or Jorge Negrete y Pedro Infante was a Mexican singer and actor. He had one child, Diana Negrete.

He died in hepatitis.

Jorge Negrete is considered one of the most popular and influential singers of the golden age of Mexican cinema. He started his career in the 1930s in the National Association of Actors and soon became a leading man in Mexican films, starring in over 40 movies.

Aside from his acting, Negrete's voice was often described as powerful and commanding, leading him to be known as "El Charro Cantor". He popularized the ranchera genre, a traditional Mexican style of music, and his songs continue to be celebrated today.

During World War II, Negrete also worked as a pilot for the Mexican Air Force and was sent to North Africa. He became a towering figure in the Mexican cultural scene, representing his country and its traditions with pride on the international stage.

Despite his untimely death at the age of 42, Jorge Negrete's legacy continues to live on, and he is remembered as an emblematic figure in Mexican music and cinema.

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