Mexican actresses who deceased at age 71

Here are 3 famous actresses from Mexico died at 71:

Angelines Fernández

Angelines Fernández (July 9, 1922 Madrid-March 25, 1994 Cuauhtémoc, D.F.) a.k.a. Angelines Fernandez, Angelines Fernández Abad, María de los Ángeles Fernández Abad or María de los Ángeles "Angelines" Fernández Abad was a Mexican actor. She had one child, Paloma Fernández.

She died in lung cancer.

Angelines Fernandez is most famous for playing the character of Doña Clotilde, the quirky and lovable "Witch of 71", in the classic Mexican sitcom "El Chavo del Ocho". She began her career in Spain before moving to Mexico in the early 1950s. In Mexico, she appeared in over 50 films and numerous telenovelas before landing her iconic role in "El Chavo del Ocho". Despite her lung cancer diagnosis, she continued to work until shortly before her death. Fernandez is still beloved by fans of the show and her character remains a timeless favorite in pop culture.

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Sofía Álvarez

Sofía Álvarez (May 23, 1913 Bogotá-April 30, 1985 Mexico City) also known as Sofía Álvarez Caicedo or Sofía Alvarez Caicedo was a Mexican actor.

She was born in Colombia but moved to Mexico in the 1940s to pursue a career in acting. Álvarez appeared in numerous Mexican films throughout the 1950s and 1960s, often playing supporting roles. She was known for her versatility as an actress, tackling both comedic and dramatic roles with ease. In addition to her work in film, Álvarez also acted in theater productions, working with some of Mexico's most renowned playwrights and directors. She was widely respected within the Mexican entertainment industry for her talent, dedication, and professionalism. Álvarez passed away in Mexico City in 1985 at the age of 71, leaving behind a legacy as one of Mexico's most beloved actresses.

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Beatriz Sheridan

Beatriz Sheridan (June 25, 1934 Mexico City-April 30, 2006 Mexico City) a.k.a. Elizabeth Ann Sheridan Scarbrough was a Mexican actor and television director.

She began her acting career in the 1950s, appearing in various Mexican films and television series. She later transitioned into television directing, working on popular shows such as "Cuna de Lobos" and "Los Ricos También Lloran" which became well-known all over Latin America. Sheridan was a pioneer in Mexican television, and she played a crucial role in shaping the industry. Her work as a director was recognized with numerous awards, including six TVyNovelas Awards. In addition to her directing work, Sheridan was known for her activism and support for social causes such as women's rights and environmental conservation. She passed away at the age of 71 due to complications from lung cancer.

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