Mexican music stars who deceased at age 42

Here are 6 famous musicians from Mexico died at 42:

Ricardo Arredondo

Ricardo Arredondo (May 26, 1949 Apatzingán-September 20, 1991) was a Mexican professional boxer.

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Vicente Saldivar

Vicente Saldivar (March 5, 1943 Mexico City-July 18, 1985) was a Mexican professional boxer.

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Gustavo Vázquez Montes

Gustavo Vázquez Montes (August 16, 1962 Tecomán-February 24, 2005) also known as Gustavo Vazquez Montes was a Mexican personality.

He died as a result of aviation accident or incident.

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Pedro Moreno

Pedro Moreno (January 18, 1775 Jalisco-October 27, 1817 Guanajuato) was a Mexican personality.

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Jorge Negrete

Jorge Negrete (November 30, 1911 Guanajuato-December 5, 1953 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno, George Negrete, El Charro Cantor or Jorge Negrete y Pedro Infante was a Mexican singer and actor. He had one child, Diana Negrete.

His discography includes: 20 Exitos Jorge Negrete En Vivo, , , , , and . His related genres: Ranchera.

He died in hepatitis.

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José Luis Romero

José Luis Romero (April 5, 1967-January 1, 2010 Sinaloa) was a Mexican journalist.

He died caused by murder.

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