Mexican music stars who deceased at age 63

Here are 10 famous musicians from Mexico died at 63:

Juan Francisco Azcárate y Ledesma

Juan Francisco Azcárate y Ledesma (April 5, 1767-January 31, 1831) otherwise known as Juan Francisco Azcarate y Ledesma was a Mexican lawyer.

He was also a politician, journalist, and educator who fought for Mexican independence from Spain. Azcárate y Ledesma was born in Mexico City and was initially trained in theology. However, he later switched to the study of law and became a lawyer. He served as a senator and as a member of the Mexican Congress. He was a vocal advocate for independence from Spain, and his speeches and articles helped to galvanize support for the cause. He also played an important role in establishing the University of Mexico, where he served as rector for a time. Azcárate y Ledesma was known for his eloquent writing and oratory skills, and his work helped to shape the political and intellectual landscape of Mexico during a critical period in its history.

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Francisco Javier Gaxiola

Francisco Javier Gaxiola (January 31, 1870 Sinaloa de Leyva-November 18, 1933 Mexico City) was a Mexican personality.

He was a politician, writer, journalist, and lawyer, who played a significant role in the Mexican Revolution. Gaxiola was one of the key figures of the Constitutionalist Army and fought alongside Venustiano Carranza during the revolution. He held various high-ranking government positions such as Governor of Sinaloa and Secretary of Communications and Public Works. Gaxiola was also a prolific writer and journalist, having published various articles focused on politics and social issues of his time. He was a member of the Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation and was recognized for his contributions to Mexican literature and journalism. Gaxiola's legacy is remembered as a dedicated and influential public figure who contributed significantly to the shaping of modern Mexico.

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Gabriel Flores

Gabriel Flores (February 8, 1930 Guadalajara-December 14, 1993 Guadalajara) was a Mexican personality.

He was best known for his work as a television host and producer, as well as a pioneer in Mexican television. Flores began his career in broadcasting in the 1950s and quickly became a beloved figure in Mexico, known for his wit, charm, and easygoing personality. He went on to host a variety of popular television programs throughout his career, including game shows, talk shows, and variety shows.

In addition to his work on television, Flores was also a successful businessman, owning and operating his own production company. He was a well-respected figure in the entertainment industry and worked with many of Mexico's most famous actors and musicians.

Throughout his life, Flores was known for his philanthropic efforts and was a strong supporter of the arts. He was also involved in various charities and often gave back to his community. Flores passed away in 1993 at the age of 63, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most influential figures in Mexican television history.

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Salvador Mota

Salvador Mota (November 30, 1922 Guadalajara-April 5, 1986 Mexico City) was a Mexican personality.

He was a well-known television host, comedian, and actor, popularly known by his stage name "Chava Flores". He gained fame for his unique style of storytelling through music, with his lyrics often depicting humorous portrayals of everyday Mexican life. He produced more than a dozen albums throughout his career, each filled with lively songs that showcased his exceptional wit and musical talent. Flores was highly celebrated in Mexico for his ability to create heartwarming lyrics that resonated with the masses, and his music has been considered an important part of the history of Mexican popular culture. Even years after his death, Flores remains a beloved icon in Mexican entertainment industry.

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Fernando de Fuentes

Fernando de Fuentes (December 13, 1894 Veracruz-July 4, 1958 Mexico City) also known as F.D. Fuentes, Fernando de Fuentes Jr. or Fernando de Fuentes Carrau was a Mexican film director, film producer, screenwriter and film editor. His children are called Fernando De Fuentes and Magdalena De Fuentes.

Fernando de Fuentes was one of the most prominent and influential filmmakers in the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. He directed and produced many important films, including "Vamanos con Pancho Villa," "Alla en el Rancho Grande," and "El Compadre Mendoza." He is widely regarded as a pioneer of Mexican neorealism, a movement that emphasized the use of non-professional actors and realistic settings to portray everyday life in Mexico. In addition to his work in film, de Fuentes was also a writer and journalist, contributing to several Mexican newspapers and magazines. His legacy continues to inspire and influence filmmakers around the world today.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Gloria Marín

Gloria Marín (April 19, 1919 Mexico City-April 13, 1983 Mexico City) otherwise known as La Marín, Gloria Ramos Luna, Maria Laura Ramos Luna or La pequeña Glorina was a Mexican actor. She had one child, Gloria Virginia Guadalupe Ramos Luna.

Gloria Marín began her acting career in 1934 in the movie "Noches de México." She starred in many films during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and worked with acclaimed directors such as Emilio Fernández and Roberto Gavaldón. She received several awards for her performances, including the Ariel Award for Best Actress. Beyond acting, Marín was also involved in philanthropic work, particularly in helping children with disabilities. She passed away from a heart attack at the age of 63. Despite her relatively short life, she left a lasting impact on Mexican cinema and is remembered as one of its most talented actresses.

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René Cardona Jr.

René Cardona Jr. (May 11, 1939 Mexico City-February 5, 2003 Mexico City) also known as Rene Cardona Jr., Maximilian Zeta, Richard Chardon, René Cardona hijo or Renè Cardona Jr. was a Mexican actor, film director, film producer and screenwriter. He had two children, René Cardona III and Christian Cardona.

Cardona Jr. followed in the footsteps of his father, René Cardona, who was also a legendary filmmaker in the Mexican film industry. He began his career in the 1950s as an actor before transitioning into directing in the 1960s. He went on to direct over 90 films, including "Santo vs. the Martian Invasion" (1967) and "Survive!" (1976), which was based on a real-life plane crash in the Andes mountains. He was also known for producing and appearing in various horror films. Despite facing criticism for his low-budget productions and graphic content, he remained an influential figure in Mexican cinema. Cardona Jr. continued to work in the film industry up until his death at the age of 63.

He died caused by cancer.

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Blanca Sánchez

Blanca Sánchez (March 2, 1946 Mexico City-January 7, 2010 Mexico City) also known as Blanca Sánchez De La Fuente was a Mexican actor. She had one child, Valerie Schlosser.

Blanca Sánchez was a prominent figure in Mexican film and television throughout her career. She began acting in the 1970s and went on to have roles in numerous popular Mexican telenovelas, such as "Cuna de Lobos" and "Mujeres Engañadas". She also appeared in films, including "El Secreto" and "Los Plomeros y Las Ficheras".

In addition to her work as an actress, Sánchez was also a dedicated advocate for animal rights. She was a regular supporter and donor to various animal welfare organizations and often participated in campaigns to raise awareness for animal welfare issues in Mexico.

Sánchez's sudden passing in 2010 was mourned by many in the Mexican entertainment industry and beyond, who remembered her for her talent and passion both on and off the screen.

She died in renal failure.

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David Porter

David Porter (February 1, 1780 Boston-March 3, 1843 Beyoğlu) was a Mexican personality. He had two children, David Farragut and David Dixon Porter.

David Porter was a renowned United States naval officer who served in the Quasi-War with France, in the Barbary Wars, and in the War of 1812. He was noted for his strategic planning and bold tactics, which led to several important victories for the American navy. After retiring from the navy, Porter became involved in international diplomacy and was appointed U.S. ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. During his tenure in Turkey, he helped negotiate treaties between the Ottoman Empire and several European powers. Porter's legacy as a naval officer and diplomat continues to be celebrated today, and many landmarks and naval vessels bear his name.

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Juan de Dios Castillo

Juan de Dios Castillo (January 31, 1951 Mexico City-May 1, 2014 Monterrey) was a Mexican coach.

Castillo was a well-known figure in Mexican soccer, having coached numerous professional teams including Monterrey, América, Puebla, Atlante, and Veracruz. He was also the assistant coach of the Mexican national team during the 1994 World Cup in the United States. Castillo was known for his strict coaching style and his ability to motivate his players to perform at their best. Despite suffering from skin cancer, he continued to work until his death in 2014. Castillo's legacy in Mexican soccer has been recognized by many, and he is remembered as a dedicated and passionate coach who always put his players first.

He died as a result of skin cancer.

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