Mexican music stars who deceased at age 79

Here are 17 famous musicians from Mexico died at 79:

Mariano Azuela

Mariano Azuela (January 1, 1873 Lagos de Moreno-March 1, 1952 Mexico City) was a Mexican writer.

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Óscar Morelli

Óscar Morelli (February 4, 1936 Mexico-April 5, 2015) also known as Oscar Bonfiglio Mouet was a Mexican personality.

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Ana Bertha Lepe

Ana Bertha Lepe (September 12, 1934 Tecolotlán-October 24, 2013 Mexico City) otherwise known as Ana Bertha Lepe `Miss Mexico', Ana Berta Lepe, Berta Lepe, Bertha Lepe or Ana Bertha Lepe Jiménez was a Mexican actor.

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Guillermo Prieto

Guillermo Prieto (February 10, 1818 Mexico City-March 2, 1897 Mexico City) was a Mexican writer and politician.

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Carlos Chávez

Carlos Chávez (June 13, 1899 Mexico City-August 2, 1978 Coyoacán) also known as Carlos Chavez, Chávez, Carlos or Carlos Antonio de Padua Chávez y Ramírez was a Mexican conductor, musician, composer and film director.

His albums: Symphonies Nos. 1, 2, & 3, The Complete Symphonies (London Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Eduardo Mata), Dos Conciertos, A Program of Mexican Music, Mexico (Legacy Collection), Conducts his Sinfonía India, Sinfonía de Antígona, Sinfonía Romántica and Complete Chamber Works of Carlos Chávez, Volume 2. Genres he performed: 20th-century classical music.

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Matilde Montoya

Matilde Montoya (March 14, 1859 Mexico City-January 26, 1939) was a Mexican personality.

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Cuco Sánchez

Cuco Sánchez (May 3, 1921 Altamira-October 6, 2000 Mexico City) a.k.a. José del Refugio Sánchez Saldaña, Cuco Sánchez or Cuco Sanchez was a Mexican singer, actor and songwriter.

His albums include 24 Exitos Rancheros, Tesoros De Colección, , , and .

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Pablo O'Higgins

Pablo O'Higgins (March 1, 1904 Salt Lake City-July 16, 1983 Mexico City) was a Mexican personality.

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Yolanda Varela

Yolanda Varela (March 30, 1930 Mexico City-August 29, 2009 Mexico City) a.k.a. Landa Varle or Carmen Yolanda Sainz Reyes was a Mexican actor.

She died caused by natural causes.

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Gonzalo Gavira

Gonzalo Gavira (October 30, 1925-January 9, 2005 Mexico City) otherwise known as Gavira was a Mexican sound technician.

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Luis E. Miramontes

Luis E. Miramontes (March 16, 1925 Tepic-September 13, 2004 Mexico City) also known as Luis Miramontes was a Mexican engineer and chemist.

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Ted Taylor

Ted Taylor (July 11, 1925 Mexico City-October 28, 2004 Silver Spring) was a Mexican physicist and sailor.

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Rudy Zamora

Rudy Zamora (March 26, 1910-July 29, 1989) otherwise known as Rudi Zamora or Rudolfo Zamora was a Mexican animator, television director and film director.

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Sergio Bustamante

Sergio Bustamante (October 18, 1934 Mexico City-May 22, 2014 Puebla) also known as Sergio Emilio Edgardo De Bustamante y Arteaga Roa, Sergio de Bustamante or Sergio de Bustamente was a Mexican actor. He had one child, Andrés Bustamante.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Cosmé McMoon

Cosmé McMoon (February 22, 1901 Mapimí, Durango-August 22, 1980 New York City) also known as Cosme McMoon or McMoon, Cosmé was a Mexican pianist and composer.

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Luis Aguilar

Luis Aguilar (January 29, 1918 Hermosillo-October 24, 1997 Mexico City) also known as Luis Aguilar Manzo, The Wild Rooster, Luís Aguilar, Luis Aguilar P. or El Gallo Giro was a Mexican actor and singer. He had three children, Martha Fernanda Aguilar, Anna Luisa Aguilar and Luis Aguilar Doblado.

Discography: .

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Mauricio Kleiff

Mauricio Kleiff (March 14, 1931 Mexico City-March 23, 2010 Mexico City) was a Mexican screenwriter.

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