Mexican musicians died in Hemiplegia

Here are 1 famous musicians from Mexico died in Hemiplegia:

Fernando Soler

Fernando Soler (May 24, 1896 Saltillo-October 24, 1979 Mexico City) also known as Fernando Díaz Pavía, Don Fernando Soler or Soler, Fernando was a Mexican film director, actor, writer, film producer and screenwriter.

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Soler was part of a famous acting family in Mexico, with his brothers Andrés and Domingo also becoming successful actors. He began his acting career in the 1920s and moved into directing in the 1940s. Soler is considered one of the pioneers of the Mexican film industry and is known for his work in creating melodramatic films, often with themes of redemption and moral lessons. He received many accolades throughout his career, including the Silver Ariel Award for Best Actor in 1950 and the National Arts Award in 1972. Some of his notable films include "La Casa del Pelícano" (1945), "La Tía de las Muchachas" (1952) and "La Mujer Ajena" (1959).

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