Mexican musicians died in Hepatitis

Here are 2 famous musicians from Mexico died in Hepatitis:

José Alfredo Jiménez

José Alfredo Jiménez (January 9, 1926 Dolores Hidalgo-November 23, 1973 Mexico City) also known as Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Jiménez, José Alfredo, José a. Jimenez, Jimenez, José a., José Alfredo Jiménez Sandoval or J. Alfredo Jimenez was a Mexican singer-songwriter, actor, composer and producer. His children are called José Alfredo Jiménez Gálvez and Paloma Jiménez Gálvez.

His albums include La Historia Del Rey, ... y sigue siendo El Rey, 15 Exitos Inolvidables, 20 Exitos, Exitos, Gracias, Marcando El Paso, Lo mejor de José Alfredo Jiménez, El rey / El cantinero and 12 éxitos de oro. Genres: Mariachi and Ranchera.

José Alfredo Jiménez is regarded as one of the greatest and most prolific Mexican composers and singers in the Ranchera genre. He began writing and singing at a young age, and his songs express tales of love, heartbreak, and Mexican culture. His most famous songs include "El Rey," "Si Nos Dejan," "Camino de Guanajuato," "El Jinete," and "Media Vuelta." His music has been covered by countless artists and his legacy continues to influence contemporary Mexican music. José Alfredo Jiménez is known as "El Rey de las Canciones Rancheras" (The King of Ranchera Music). He passed away at the age of 47 due to liver disease, but his music lives on as a testament to his talent and legacy.

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Jorge Negrete

Jorge Negrete (November 30, 1911 Guanajuato-December 5, 1953 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno, George Negrete, El Charro Cantor or Jorge Negrete y Pedro Infante was a Mexican singer and actor. He had one child, Diana Negrete.

His discography includes: 20 Exitos Jorge Negrete En Vivo, , , , , and . His related genres: Ranchera.

Jorge Negrete was one of the most popular Mexican entertainers in the mid-20th century, known for his powerful voice and his ability to portray the quintessential Mexican macho man. He began his music career in the 1930s and went on to star in over 40 films, becoming a beloved figure in Mexican culture. He was particularly known for his portrayals of revolutionary heroes, such as Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.

Negrete was also known for his activism and patriotism. During World War II, he helped raise money for the Mexican Red Cross and traveled to war-torn Europe to perform for Mexican soldiers. He also served as a cultural ambassador for Mexico, traveling to Latin America and the United States to promote Mexican music and culture.

Despite his success, Negrete battled with alcoholism and health issues throughout his life. He died in 1953 at the age of 42 from liver failure. His legacy, however, has lived on through his music and films, which are still celebrated by fans of traditional Mexican music to this day.

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