New Zealand actresses who deceased at age 64

Here are 1 famous actresses from New Zealand died at 64:

May Beatty

May Beatty (June 4, 1880 Christchurch-April 1, 1945 Covina) also known as Mae Beatty was a New Zealand actor and singer.

Born Anna May McKinney, she adopted the stage name May Beatty and began performing professionally in her late teens. Beatty gained popularity as a performer in New Zealand before moving to Australia and eventually to the United States. In Hollywood, she appeared in over 150 films, often playing maternal or comedic roles. She also continued her singing career, performing in vaudeville and on the radio. Beatty was known for her distinctive deep voice and comedic timing. Outside of her career, she was an avid traveler and adventurer, visiting remote locations including the Amazon rainforest and Easter Island. She passed away at the age of 64 in Covina, California.

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