North Korean actresses died at age 65

Here are 1 famous actresses from North Korea died at 65:

Song Hye-rim

Song Hye-rim (January 24, 1937 Changnyeong County-May 18, 2002 Moscow) was a North Korean actor. She had one child, Kim Jong-nam.

Song Hye-rim was born in what is now South Korea and later moved to North Korea where she became a prominent actress in North Korean cinema in the 1950s and 1960s. She was known for her beauty and talent, and was a favorite of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, with whom she had a rumored romantic relationship.

In 1967, Song Hye-rim gave birth to a son, Kim Jong-nam, whose father's identity has never been confirmed. After Kim Jong-nam's birth, Song Hye-rim retired from acting and lived in seclusion, reportedly due to political rivalries within the North Korean government.

In 1982, she accompanied Kim Jong-il on a trip to Vienna, where she fell ill and remained hospitalized for some time. After her recovery, she chose not to return to North Korea and instead lived in Moscow until her death in 2002. Kim Jong-nam, her son, was assassinated in Malaysia in 2017.

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