Norwegian movie stars died before 35

Here are 1 famous actors from Norway died before 35:

August Schønemann

August Schønemann (May 30, 1891 Oslo-February 18, 1925) was a Norwegian actor and singer. He had one child, Aud Schønemann.

August Schønemann was born in Kristiania, now Oslo, Norway. He started his acting career at the National Theater in 1912 and soon became a popular performer on stage. Schønemann was also skilled as a singer and recorded several popular songs of his time.

In addition to his successful stage career, August Schønemann appeared in several silent films in the 1910s and 1920s. He starred in the lead role in the 1920 film "Laila," which was based on a Norwegian novel and is considered a classic of Norwegian cinema.

Despite his success in both theater and film, Schønemann struggled with alcoholism and his personal life was marked by scandal. He fathered a child, Aud Schønemann, out of wedlock with the actress Nanna Stenersen, which was a scandal at the time.

August Schønemann died at the young age of 33 due to complications from pneumonia. Despite his short life and personal troubles, he remains an important figure in Norwegian theater and cinema history.

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