Norwegian movie stars died in 1970

Here are 3 famous actors from Norway died in 1970:

Toralf Sandø

Toralf Sandø (April 6, 1899 Norway-March 4, 1970 Oslo) was a Norwegian film director, actor and screenwriter.

He played key roles in the Norwegian film industry during the 1930s to 1950s, directing and writing some of the country's most successful films. Sandø was first acknowledged as a filmmaker for his film "En glad gutt" (A Happy Boy) in 1932. Some of his notable works include "Den farlige leken" (The Dangerous Game) in 1942, "Tante Pose" (Auntie's Loot) in 1940, and "Bør Børson Jr." (1938), which is considered a classic in Norwegian cinema. In addition to his work in cinema, Sandø was known for his theatrical productions and radio plays. He was awarded the King's Medal of Merit in 1964 for his contributions to Norwegian arts and culture.

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Ernst Diesen

Ernst Diesen (April 6, 1913 Oslo-November 14, 1970 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor and theatre director. He had one child, Andreas Diesen.

Diesen was best known for his work in Norwegian theatre and film industry during the 1940s to 1960s. He began his theatrical career as an actor in 1935, and eventually became a director in 1945. In the 1950s and 1960s, he directed several productions including "Hamlet", "Othello" and "The Threepenny Opera".

In addition to his work in the theatre, Diesen appeared in several Norwegian films, including "Bastard", "A Man Came from the Future", and "The Master and His Servants". He was also a successful radio and television personality, hosting several programs during his career.

Diesen was a recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Norwegian Cultural Council's honorary award in 1959, and the Saint Olav's Order in 1967 for his contributions to Norwegian theatre and culture. He passed away in Oslo in 1970, leaving behind a legacy as one of Norway's most beloved and respected actors and directors.

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Henrik Børseth

Henrik Børseth (April 30, 1885 Haugesund-September 18, 1970 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor.

He began his career as a stage actor in Norway and later worked in various theaters throughout Europe, including the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and the Burgtheater in Vienna. Børseth established his reputation as a leading character actor, known for his versatility and ability to bring depth and nuance to his portrayals. He is best known for his roles in the films "The Bridal Party" (1926), "The Big Gold Treasure" (1958), and "Line" (1961). Børseth was also a director and playwright, and contributed significantly to the development of Norwegian theater. In recognition of his contributions to the arts, he was honored with numerous awards and distinctions, including the Order of St. Olav, which is a Norwegian order of chivalry.

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