Norwegian movie stars born in 1982

Here are 5 famous actresses from Norway were born in 1982:

Silje Reinåmo

Silje Reinåmo (August 25, 1982 Mosjøen-) is a Norwegian dancer, actor and singer.

She trained as a dancer and studied acting at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Reinåmo gained recognition for her work in the Norwegian film industry, particularly for her leading role in the horror film "Thale" (2012) which was a critical success both in Norway and internationally. She has also appeared in several TV dramas and stage productions in Norway. In addition to her acting career, Reinåmo has also pursued a career as a singer and has released music in both Norwegian and English.

Reinåmo's interest in performing arts started at a young age when she attended a dance school in her hometown. She later moved to Liverpool to pursue her dreams of becoming an actor and dancer. After completing her studies, Reinåmo returned to Norway and started her acting career in several local stage productions. It was not long before she caught the attention of casting directors and landed her first major role in the Norwegian TV series "Hvaler" (2010-2011).

Following the success of "Thale", Reinåmo starred in several other films, including "Ragnarok" (2013) and "Fjols til Fjells" (2015). Another breakthrough role came in the form of the TV series "Kielergata" (2018), where she played the lead character.

In addition to her acting work, Reinåmo has also released music under the name "NOMA". She has performed at several music festivals in Norway and her album "One From the Mountains" (2014) received critical acclaim. Reinåmo is also an advocate for environmental and animal rights causes and is an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund.

Overall, Silje Reinåmo has had a diverse and successful career as an actor, dancer, singer and activist, and is widely considered as one of Norway's leading talents in the entertainment industry.

Sofie Cappelen

Sofie Cappelen (February 2, 1982 Oslo-) a.k.a. Sofie Stange Cappelen, Sofia or Sofie Cappelen Stange is a Norwegian actor.

She first gained recognition for her role in the TV-series "Hotel Cæsar" at the age of 18. Since then, she has appeared in several TV-shows and movies, such as "Max Manus" and "Kampen for tilværelsen". In addition to her acting career, Cappelen is also a trained dancer and has performed in various productions in Norway and abroad. She is also a popular voice actress, having provided the Norwegian voice for characters in several animated movies and TV-shows, such as "Frozen" and "My Little Pony". Cappelen is married to the Norwegian actor Kim Sørensen, and together they have two children.

Cappelen started her career in show business when she was only four years old, as a model for children's clothing. At the age of eight, she started taking dance lessons, and by the time she was a teenager, she was already making a name for herself in the Norwegian dance scene. She won several awards in national and international dance competitions and was offered a scholarship to the London School of Contemporary Dance.

However, Cappelen decided to pursue acting instead and started attending acting classes in Oslo. Her breakthrough came in 2000 when she was cast as the character Julie Annette Schønfeldt in Norway's longest-running soap opera "Hotel Cæsar". The show was a huge success and Cappelen quickly became a household name in Norway.

Since then, Cappelen has appeared in numerous TV series, movies, and theater productions. She has received critical acclaim for her performances and has been nominated for several awards, including the prestigious Amanda Award.

When she's not acting, Cappelen is a passionate advocate for mental health and has openly talked about her struggles with anxiety and depression. She has also been involved in various charity projects, including raising funds for children with cancer.

In addition to her successful career, Cappelen is a devoted mother to her two children and enjoys spending time with her family. She has said in interviews that family is her top priority and that she always makes time for them, even when working on a demanding project.

Henriette Bruusgaard

Henriette Bruusgaard (January 10, 1982 Oslo-) is a Norwegian actor.

She is best known for her role as Veronika in the Norwegian TV series "Skolen" ("The School") and as Linn Nersund in the TV series "Koselig med peis" ("Cozy with Fireplace"). Bruusgaard began her career as a model, before turning to acting. She studied at the Norwegian Academy of Dramatic Arts and made her stage debut in 2006 in the play "Masken". In addition to her acting career, Bruusgaard is also a prominent voice-over artist and has voiced characters in several animated films and TV series. She has been nominated for several awards for her work in film and television, including a nomination for the Best Supporting Actress at the Amanda Awards in 2014 for her performance in the film "The Christmas King: In Full Armor".

In 2016, Bruusgaard played the lead role of Maria in the feature film "Staying Alive" directed by Charlotte Blom. The film tells the story of a woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer and must face her illness while trying to hold her family and life together. The role earned Bruusgaard critical acclaim, and she won Best Actress at the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund. Bruusgaard has also had success on stage, starring in the Norwegian productions of "Streetcar Named Desire" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?". Besides acting, Bruusgaard is a writer, and in 2013 she released her first children's book, "Audrey og Hugo's Hemmelige Krig" ("Audrey and Hugo's Secret War"). She is also a patron of the organization "Pink Ribbon", which raises awareness of breast cancer.

Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias (March 19, 1982 Oslo-) is a Norwegian model, actor and pornographic film actor.

Triana Iglesias began her career as a model, working for a variety of well-known brands in Norway. She quickly gained popularity due to her striking looks and charismatic personality. In addition to modelling, she has also worked as a television presenter and actress, appearing in several Norwegian films and TV shows.

However, Triana Iglesias is perhaps best known for her work in adult entertainment. She has starred in numerous pornographic films under the name "Triana Iglesias Holten" and has also worked as a host and producer for a number of adult websites.

Despite her controversial career choices, Triana Iglesias has remained a popular figure in Norway, and has been praised for her openness about her sexuality and the industry in which she works. She has also been an outspoken advocate for women's rights and has used her platform to raise awareness about issues such as sexual health and consent.

Triana Iglesias was born in Oslo, Norway, to a Norwegian mother and a Spanish father. Growing up, she was a talented athlete, competing in both gymnastics and horseback riding. She also worked part-time as a bartender and studied psychology at the university.

In 2008, Triana Iglesias was named as "Norway's sexiest woman" by the magazine FHM. This catapulted her career, and she went on to feature in numerous fashion magazines and music videos. In 2010, she famously posed naked for a charity calendar for the Norwegian organization "Fuck Cancer."

Apart from her career, Triana Iglesias is an animal rights activist and has worked with various animal protection organizations, including PETA. She also supports the Norwegian organization for children with cancer, Barnekreftforeningen.

Triana Iglesias is married to the Norwegian musician, radiopresenter and television personality, Espen Eckbo. The couple has two children together.

Live Nelvik

Live Nelvik (December 10, 1982-) also known as Live Johnsrud Nelvik is a Norwegian actor, journalist and presenter.

Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, Nelvik studied journalism at Oslo Metropolitan University before beginning her career as a journalist and presenter in various Norwegian TV and radio programs. She gained recognition for her work as a presenter on the youth program "Sone 2" where she worked for four years.

In addition to her work in broadcasting, Nelvik has also acted in several Norwegian TV shows and films, including the popular comedy-drama series "Unge Lovende" (Young and Promising). She has also worked as a voice actor, providing Norwegian voiceovers for animated movies such as "Zootopia" and "The Secret Life of Pets".

Throughout her career, Nelvik has won several awards for her work in journalism and entertainment, including the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's Gullruten Award for Best Female TV Host in 2015. She is also known for her activism and advocacy work, particularly in raising awareness about mental health and body positivity.

In addition to her successful career in broadcasting, acting, and activism, Live Nelvik is also a published author. Her debut book, "Kroppsspråk" (Body Language), was released in 2018 and focuses on her own experiences with mental health, body image, and societal expectations. The book received critical acclaim and was listed as one of the top 10 best-selling Norwegian non-fiction books that year. Nelvik is also a popular social media influencer, with a large following on Instagram where she shares her thoughts on various topics and promotes body positivity. She often uses her platform to educate her followers on mental health issues and inspire them to practice self-love and acceptance. Additionally, Nelvik is a sought-after public speaker and has given talks on mental health and other topics at various events and conferences in Norway and internationally.

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