Norwegian movie stars died at 58

Here are 1 famous actresses from Norway died at 58:

Sigrid Gurie

Sigrid Gurie (May 18, 1911 Brooklyn-August 14, 1969 Mexico City) a.k.a. The Norwegian Garbo or Sigrid Gurie Haukelid was a Norwegian actor. She had one child, Knut Haukelid.

Sigrid Gurie started her career in Hollywood in the 1930s, appearing in films such as "Algiers" and "The Adventures of Marco Polo". She was known for her ethereal beauty and was often compared to another Hollywood actress of the time, Greta Garbo. However, she struggled to find success in Hollywood and eventually moved to Europe to work in film and theater.

During World War II, Gurie became involved in the the Norwegian resistance movement and worked as a courier, helping to smuggle important documents and people out of Norway. She also helped to raise funds for the resistance by performing in concerts and shows.

After the war, Gurie settled in Mexico City and continued to work in film and television. She later became a Mexican citizen and was involved in various charities, particularly those supporting children's education. She passed away in 1969 at the age of 58.

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