Norwegian movie stars died in 1981

Here are 2 famous actresses from Norway died in 1981:

Ada Kramm

Ada Kramm (March 14, 1899 Vardø-December 17, 1981 Oslo) also known as Ada Van Ehlers or Ada Egede-Nissen was a Norwegian actor. Her child is called Ilse Kramm.

Ada Kramm had a successful acting career both on stage and screen. She received critical acclaim for her performances in various productions, including "Dyveke" and "Vi som går kjøkkenveien". Ada was widely regarded as one of the leading actors of her generation in Norway. In addition to her acting talents, she was also known for her activism and support of women's rights. Later in her career, Ada became involved in the anti-nuclear movement and raised awareness about the dangers of nuclear weapons. Despite retiring from acting in the 1970s, Ada Kramm remained a prominent figure in the Norwegian cultural scene until her passing in 1981.

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Mette Lange-Nielsen

Mette Lange-Nielsen (April 30, 1929 Oslo-May 29, 1981 Norway) was a Norwegian actor. She had one child, Lars Lillo-Stenberg.

Mette Lange-Nielsen started her acting career in 1951 and went on to become one of Norway's most celebrated stage and film actors. She had a long and successful career in theater, working with the National Theater, Oslo New Theater, and the Riksteatret among others. She also appeared in several Norwegian films, including "Toya" (1956) and "Line" (1961), earning critical acclaim for her performances.

Despite being a renowned actor, Lange-Nielsen was known for her humble and down-to-earth nature. She was highly respected by her colleagues and was regarded as a mentor to many young actors. She passed away in 1981 at the age of 52, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most talented and respected actors in Norwegian history.

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