Norwegian movie stars died in 2014

Here are 1 famous actresses from Norway died in 2014:

Liv Dommersnes

Liv Dommersnes (September 28, 1922 Oslo-April 6, 2014 Oslo) also known as Liv Strømsted was a Norwegian actor.

She started her acting career in the 1940s and appeared in numerous Norwegian films and television shows throughout her career, becoming a well-known and respected figure in Norwegian entertainment. Some of her notable works include roles in movies such as "Ni Liv" and "Reisen til julestjernen" and the TV series "Fredrikssons fabrikk". In addition to her acting work, Dommersnes was also involved in theater productions and worked as a drama teacher in her later years. She was awarded the King's Medal of Merit in gold for her contributions to Norwegian culture, and her legacy continues to inspire generations of actors in Norway.

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