Norwegian actresses died as a result of Parkinson's disease

Here are 1 famous actresses from Norway died in Parkinson's disease:

Greta Nissen

Greta Nissen (January 30, 1906 Oslo-May 17, 1988 Montecito) otherwise known as Greta Nissan, Grethe Ruzt-Nissen, Giethe Ruzt-Nissen, Grete Ruzt-Nissen, Grethe Rutz-Nissen, Grete Nissen-Ruzt, Grethe Rüzt-Nissen or Grethe Ruszt-Nissen was a Norwegian actor and ballet dancer. She had one child, Tor Bruce Nissen Eckert.

Nissen began her career as a ballet dancer in Oslo before transitioning to acting in films. She gained prominence in Hollywood during the 1920s, appearing in films such as "The Wanderer" (1925) and "The Love of Sunya" (1927), which was the first film to use the early sound-on-film process. Nissen also made successful transitions to the British and German film industries, working with directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Fritz Lang. She retired from acting in the 1930s and briefly worked as a fashion model. In her later years, she lived in California and dedicated her time to philanthropic work.

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