Norwegian musicians born in 1969

Here are 11 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1969:

Erik Brødreskift

Erik Brødreskift (December 23, 1969 Bergen-October 4, 1999) also known as Grim was a Norwegian musician.

Genres he performed: Black metal.

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Asgeir Mickelson

Asgeir Mickelson (September 30, 1969-) also known as Mickelson, Asgeir is a Norwegian engineer, musician and graphic designer.

Genres: Heavy metal, Black metal, Progressive metal, Doom metal, Death metal and Thrash metal.

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Sven Erik Kristiansen

Sven Erik Kristiansen (February 4, 1969-) also known as Maniac is a Norwegian singer, musician and songwriter.

His most well known albums: Det Skjedde Noe Når Du Var I Belgia. Genres he performed: Black metal, Doom metal, Punk rock, Hardcore punk, Dark ambient and Noise music.

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Are Kalvø

Are Kalvø (December 31, 1969-) is a Norwegian writer.

He is best known for his humorous writing style and social commentary. Kalvø began his career as a comedian and writer for various television shows in Norway before branching out into books. He has written several bestselling books, including "Norsk for nordmenn. Nordmenn for utlendinger" and "Inferno". In addition to his writing, Kalvø is also a popular speaker and commentator on Norwegian culture and politics. He has won several awards for his work, including the Brage Prize and the Norwegian Booksellers' Prize. Despite his success, Kalvø has remained grounded and continues to connect with his audiences through his relatable and humorous writing style.

Kalvø was born in Bergen, Norway, and grew up in a working-class family. He studied sociology at the University of Bergen, where he became involved in the local comedy scene. After graduation, he worked as a stand-up comedian and writer for various television shows, including the popular comedy show "Nytt på nytt".

In 2006, Kalvø published his first book, "Norsk for nordmenn. Nordmenn for utlendinger", a humorous guide to the Norwegian language and culture. The book became a bestseller and established Kalvø as a popular humorist and social commentator.

Kalvø's follow-up book, "Inferno", was a satirical take on the global financial crisis and the excesses of capitalism. The book was also well-received and further cemented Kalvø's reputation as a writer who could tackle serious issues with humor and wit.

In addition to his writing, Kalvø is a frequent commentator on Norwegian politics and culture. He has been involved in several public campaigns and initiatives, including a campaign to promote the use of electric cars in Norway.

Today, Kalvø is one of Norway's most popular writers and speakers. He continues to write books and articles, and his humorous and insightful commentary on Norwegian life and society has won him legions of fans both in Norway and abroad.

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Aslag Guttormsgaard

Aslag Guttormsgaard (March 6, 1969-) also known as Jex Guttormsgaard is a Norwegian musician, screenwriter, songwriter and actor.

Genres related to him: Punk rock, Comedy rock, Hard rock, Stoner rock, Alternative rock, Blues rock, Heavy metal, Doom metal and Indie rock.

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Lars Håvard Haugen

Lars Håvard Haugen (November 29, 1969-) is a Norwegian guitarist and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Country, Blues, Progressive rock, Country pop and Instrumental.

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Jan Axel Blomberg

Jan Axel Blomberg (August 2, 1969 Trysil-) also known as Jan Axel von Blomberg, Hellhammer, Von Blomberg or Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg is a Norwegian songwriter, musician and drummer.

Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Black metal, Neoclassical metal, Avant-garde metal, Progressive metal, Death metal and Industrial metal.

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Per Mathisen

Per Mathisen (October 7, 1969 Sandefjord-) is a Norwegian musician and composer.

Related albums: Northern Crossings and . Genres: Jazz.

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Sissel Kyrkjebø

Sissel Kyrkjebø (June 24, 1969 Bergen-) also known as Sissel Kyrkjeboe, Sissel Kyrkjebo, Sissel, Sissel Kyrkjebö or Kyrkjebø, Sissel is a Norwegian singer. She has two children, Ingrid Skoller and Sara Skoller.

Her most well known albums: Glade Jul, De beste 1986-2006, Northern Lights, Innerst i sjelen, Sissel, Soria Moria, Gift of Love, All Good Things, Nordisk Vinternatt and Into Paradise. Genres she performed include Folk music, Pop music, Operatic pop, Classical music and Celtic music.

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Christian Welde

Christian Welde (April 28, 1969 Norway-) is a Norwegian , .

His albums include Fairytales.

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Kim Ofstad

Kim Ofstad (November 25, 1969 Trondheim-) is a Norwegian musician.

Genres he performed: Jazz.

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