Norwegian musicians born in 1977

Here are 12 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1977:

Christian Ingebrigtsen

Christian Ingebrigtsen (January 25, 1977 Oslo-) also known as Christian Ingebrigsten or Ingebrigtsen, Christian is a Norwegian singer and record producer.

His albums include Take Back Yesterday, Things Are Gonna Change and The Truth About Lies. Genres: Pop music.

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Torun Eriksen

Torun Eriksen (January 8, 1977 Lunde, Telemark-) is a Norwegian singer.

Her albums: Glittercard, Prayers & Observations and Passage. Genres: Soul music and Jazz.

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Torstein Lofthus

Torstein Lofthus (March 10, 1977 Øystese-) a.k.a. Lofthus, Torstein is a Norwegian drummer and composer.

His albums: Halles Komet. Genres related to him: Pop music and Jazz.

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Morten Veland

Morten Veland (December 4, 1977 Stavanger-) otherwise known as Veland, Morten is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, musician, composer and record producer.

Genres: Gothic metal, Doom metal and Death-doom.

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Terje Winterstø Røthing

Terje Winterstø Røthing (August 5, 1977-) a.k.a. Terje Vinterstø or Ted Winters is a Norwegian musician.

Genres: Punk rock, Rock music and Hard rock.

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Arve Isdal

Arve Isdal (August 28, 1977 Norway-) is a Norwegian songwriter, musician and record producer.

Genres related to him: Progressive metal, Black metal, Death metal, Hard rock, Thrash metal, Viking metal, Post-grunge, Heavy metal and Industrial metal.

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Ivar Bjørnson

Ivar Bjørnson (November 27, 1977 Norway-) also known as Bjørnson, Ivar, Ivar Bjornson, Daimonion or Ivar Skontorp Peersen is a Norwegian musician, songwriter, composer and guitarist.

His related genres: Black metal, Progressive metal and Viking metal.

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Helena Iren Michaelsen

Helena Iren Michaelsen (June 2, 1977 Evje-) a.k.a. Michaelsen, Helena Iren is a Norwegian singer-songwriter.

Genres: Symphonic metal, Gothic metal, Post-metal and Symphonic black metal.

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Erik Faber

Erik Faber (May 16, 1977 Kristiansand-) also known as Faber, Erik is a Norwegian singer and guitarist.

His albums include Between the Lines, Century and . Genres he performed include Pop rock and Pop music.

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Per Zanussi

Per Zanussi (January 31, 1977 Oslo-) also known as Zanussi, Per is a Norwegian composer and bassist.

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Andre Lindal

Andre Lindal (February 19, 1977-) is a Norwegian songwriter and record producer.

His albums: Rags. Genres: Pop music, Contemporary R&B and Hip hop music.

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Emil Nikolaisen

Emil Nikolaisen (February 4, 1977 Moi-) also known as Nikolaisen, Emil is a Norwegian singer, musician, audio engineer and record producer.

Genres he performed: Christian metal, Jangle pop, Noise rock, Shoegazing, Glam punk, Indie pop, Extreme metal, Noise pop and Indie rock.

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