Norwegian musicians born in 1981

Here are 6 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1981:

Lene Alexandra

Lene Alexandra (October 29, 1981 Trøgstad-) also known as Alexandra, Lene is a Norwegian singer and model.

Her albums include Welcome To Sillycone Valley, Try to Catch Me and My Boobs Are OK. Genres related to her: Pop music, Dance-pop, Bubblegum pop and Europop.

Lene Alexandra gained popularity through her appearance on the Norwegian version of the reality show "Big Brother" in 2007. Her album My Boobs Are OK reached the top of the Norwegian charts and was certified gold. She has also worked as a model, appearing in various magazines, music videos, and campaigns. Alexandra has been open about her struggles with body image and has spoken out about the pressure on women to conform to certain beauty standards. In addition to her music and modeling career, she has also worked as a television presenter and actress.

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Bjørn Holter

Bjørn Holter (June 15, 1981 Fenstad-) also known as Narrenschiff, Bjørn Olav Holter or Bjørn "Narrenschiff" Holter is a Norwegian singer, artist, singer-songwriter, musician and visual artist.

His related genres: Black metal and Symphonic black metal.

Holter started his music career at a young age and was heavily influenced by classical music and the Norwegian black metal scene. He began performing under the stage name Narrenschiff in the early 2000s and gained a following in the Norwegian underground music scene.

In 2004, he released his debut album "The Madness of Narrenschiff" which was well received by both fans and critics. The album showcased his unique blend of black metal and classical music elements, and established him as a rising star in the Norwegian music scene.

Holter continued to release music throughout the 2000s and 2010s, experimenting with different styles and incorporating more visual arts elements into his work. He collaborated with other artists and musicians, and also worked on several solo projects.

In addition to his music career, Holter is also a talented visual artist and has exhibited his artwork in galleries and museums around the world. His work often explores themes of darkness, spirituality, and the human psyche.

Today, Holter is considered one of the most influential figures in the Norwegian black metal scene, and his unique style continues to inspire musicians and artists around the world.

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Ingrid Olava

Ingrid Olava (March 18, 1981 Lillehammer-) a.k.a. Ingrid Olava Brænd Eriksen is a Norwegian singer, actor, musician and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Juliet's Wishes, The Guest and Summer House. Genres: Pop music and Independent music.

Ingrid Olava grew up in a musical household, with her father being a jazz musician, and she started playing the piano at a young age. She studied at a music high school and later attended the Norwegian Academy of Music. In addition to her music career, Olava has also had success as an actor, appearing in several Norwegian films and TV shows.

Her debut album, Juliet's Wishes, was released in 2008 and received critical acclaim in Norway. The album featured the hit single "Back to Love," which earned her a nomination for Best Norwegian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Her second album, The Guest, was released in 2010 and further cemented her status as a rising star in the Norwegian music scene.

Olava's music is known for its emotional depth, introspective lyrics, and haunting melodies. She has been praised for her powerful and expressive voice, and her live performances are renowned for their intensity and intimacy. In 2019, Olava released her third album, Summer House, which was inspired by the death of her mother and features some of her most personal and affecting songs to date.

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Magnus Eliassen

Magnus Eliassen (January 2, 1981 Bodø-) otherwise known as Eliassen, Magnus is a Norwegian singer, record producer and songwriter.

His most important albums: Lois Is Happy and Second Grace. Genres related to him: Rhythm and blues, Pop music, Soul music and Fusion.

Magnus Eliassen began his career in music at a young age, playing guitar and singing in local bands. In 2003, he released his first album "Lois Is Happy" to critical acclaim, receiving positive reviews for his unique blend of R&B, pop, soul, and fusion. He went on to release several more albums, including "Second Grace," which was named one of the top albums of the year by Norwegian music critics.

In addition to his successful career as a singer and songwriter, Eliassen is also a skilled record producer, having produced albums for several other artists in Norway. He is known for his innovative and experimental approach to music production, often incorporating electronic and hip-hop elements into his works.

Despite his success, Eliassen has remained grounded and continues to be actively involved in the Norwegian music scene, collaborating with other artists and contributing to various musical projects. He has also been recognized for his philanthropic work, supporting various causes that promote social justice and equality.

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Amund Maarud

Amund Maarud (April 7, 1981 Nes, Akershus-) a.k.a. Maarud, Amund is a Norwegian composer and musician.

His albums include Ripped, Stripped and Southern Fried and Electric. Genres: Blues and Rock music.

Maarud grew up in a musical family and started playing guitar at a young age. He has won several awards for his music and has been praised for his skill as a guitarist. In addition to his solo work, he has also been a part of various musical collaborations and has toured extensively both in Norway and internationally. Maarud is known for his unique blend of blues and rock music, and his soulful and powerful vocals. He continues to be a prominent figure in the Norwegian music scene and is highly regarded for his contributions to the genre.

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Ola Kvernberg

Ola Kvernberg (June 16, 1981 Fræna-) is a Norwegian composer and film score composer.

Discography: Presenting Ola Kvernberg & Jimmy Rosenberg, Liarbird and . Genres: Jazz.

Kvernberg is an accomplished violinist and has won numerous awards for his playing, including the Norwegian Grammy Award for Best Jazz Album in 2014. He has also collaborated with various artists across different genres, such as Motorpsycho and José González. Kvernberg has composed music for several films and TV shows, including Jon Haukeland's documentary "Permafrøst" and the TV series "Norsemen." He is known for his unique blend of jazz, folk, and electronic music, which has garnered him critical acclaim both in Norway and abroad. In addition to his musical career, Kvernberg is also a trained psychologist and often incorporates his knowledge of psychology into his music.

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