Norwegian musicians born in 1983

Here are 6 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1983:

Kristofer Hæstad

Kristofer Hæstad (December 9, 1983 Kristiansand-) is a Norwegian football player.

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Marit Larsen

Marit Larsen (July 1, 1983 Lørenskog-) also known as Marit Elisabeth Larsen or Larsen, Marit is a Norwegian singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Her albums include Under the Surface, The Chase, If a Song Could Get Me You, Under the Surface, If a Song Could Get Me You, Don't Save Me, Spark, Solid Ground and When the Morning Comes. Genres she performed: Folk music, Pop music, Acoustic music and Pop-folk.

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Carmen Elise Espenæs

Carmen Elise Espenæs (September 30, 1983 Stavanger-) a.k.a. Espenæs, Carmen Elise is a Norwegian singer.

Genres: Folk metal, Symphonic metal and Gothic metal.

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Gaute Ormåsen

Gaute Ormåsen (April 20, 1983 Norway-) also known as Gaute Ormasen, Ormåsen, Gaute or Gaute is a Norwegian singer.

His albums: G For Gaute, Chasing Rainbows and New Kid in Town. Genres he performed include Pop music and Country.

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Gard Nilssen

Gard Nilssen (June 24, 1983 Skien-) is a Norwegian musician.

Genres: Jazz.

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Tuva Syvertsen

Tuva Syvertsen (July 16, 1983 Oslo-) also known as Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen is a Norwegian musician.

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