Norwegian musicians born in 1984

Here are 5 famous musicians from Norway were born in 1984:

Marika Lejon

Marika Lejon (October 3, 1984 Stavanger-) is a Norwegian singer-songwriter.

Genres: Pop music and Folk music.

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Marion Raven

Marion Raven (May 25, 1984 Lørenskog-) otherwise known as Marion Elise Ravn or Raven, Marion is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor, musician and presenter.

Her albums: Here I Am, Heads Will Roll (EP), Set Me Free, Break You, Falling Away, Scandal, Vol. 1 and Songs From a Blackbird. Genres related to her: Pop rock, Alternative rock, Pop punk, Rock music, Piano rock, Acoustic music, Modern rock, Pop music, Folk music, Post-grunge, Adult album alternative and Pop-folk.

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Nathalie Nordnes

Nathalie Nordnes (November 22, 1984 Bergen-) also known as Nordnes, Nathalie, Natalie Nordnes or Nordnes, Natalie is a Norwegian , .

Discography: Join Me in the Park, Hush Hush and .

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Lars Vaular

Lars Vaular (September 20, 1984-) a.k.a. Vaular, Lars is a Norwegian rapper, songwriter, musician and record producer.

Discography: Du betyr meg, , D'e Glede, Helt om natten, helt om dagen, Kulturclash, , Gary Speed, , and . His related genres: Alternative hip hop.

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Ida Maria

Ida Maria (July 13, 1984 Nesna-) is a Norwegian singer and musician.

Her albums include Fortress 'Round My Heart, I Like You Much Better When You're Naked, Stella, Katla, Keep Me Warm, Bad Karma, Oh My God (feat. Iggy Pop) [Digital 45] and Love Conquers All. Her related genres: Alternative rock, Punk rock and Indie rock.

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