Norwegian musicians died at 26

Here are 4 famous musicians from Norway died at 26:

Niels Henrik Abel

Niels Henrik Abel (August 5, 1802 Finn√ły-April 6, 1829 Froland) was a Norwegian mathematician.

Despite his short life, Abel made significant contributions to mathematics. He is best known for his work in algebraic equations, the theory of functions, and elliptic functions. Abel's most famous theorem, known as Abel's impossibility theorem, states that there is no general algebraic solution to equations of fifth degree or higher. This groundbreaking work paved the way for the development of modern algebraic geometry.

Abel's work was recognized by the mathematical community during his lifetime, and he was elected as a member of the French Academy of Sciences at the age of 22. Today, the Abel Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in mathematics, is named in his honor.

He died caused by tuberculosis.

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Alexander Dale Oen

Alexander Dale Oen (May 21, 1985 Bergen-May 1, 2012 Flagstaff) was a Norwegian swimmer.

Alexander Dale Oen was considered one of Norway's best swimmers, having won numerous medals in national and international competitions. He gained worldwide attention when he won the gold medal in the 100-meter breaststroke at the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai, China, setting a new Norwegian and European record. He was a three-time Olympian, representing Norway at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the 2012 Olympics in London, and the 2009 Youth Olympics in Singapore, where he won two gold medals. Dale Oen was also known for promoting water safety and raising awareness about drowning prevention.

He died caused by cardiac arrest.

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Edvard Tallaksen

Edvard Tallaksen (August 17, 1918 Kristiansand-November 29, 1944) was a Norwegian personality.

He was a resistance member during World War II and played an important role in the fight against the Nazi occupation of Norway. Tallaksen was arrested by the Gestapo in 1944 and imprisoned at Grini concentration camp. Sadly, he was executed later that year. He is remembered as a hero and a symbol of the sacrifices made by those who fought against tyranny and oppression during the war.

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Gregers Gram

Gregers Gram (December 15, 1917 Vestre Aker-November 13, 1944) was a Norwegian personality.

Gregers Gram was a Norwegian resistance member during World War II. He was arrested and executed by the Nazi regime at the young age of 26. He was known for his bravery and determination, and he worked tirelessly to fight against the German occupation of Norway. Gram was also a gifted writer, and his diary, which chronicled his experiences during the war, has become an important document in Norwegian history. Despite his short life, his legacy lives on as a symbol of resistance and courage in the face of oppression.

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