Norwegian musicians died at 57

Here are 12 famous musicians from Norway died at 57:

Alexander Kielland

Alexander Kielland (February 18, 1849 Stavanger-April 6, 1906 Bergen) also known as Alexander Lange Kielland, Alexander L.Kielland, A. Kjelland, Alexander Kjelland or Kielland, Alexander L. was a Norwegian novelist.

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Ragnar Larsen

Ragnar Larsen (January 7, 1925 Oslo-January 14, 1982) was a Norwegian personality.

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Grete Waitz

Grete Waitz (October 1, 1953 Oslo-April 19, 2011 Oslo) also known as Grete Andersen or Grete Waitz-Andersen was a Norwegian track and field athlete.

She died in cancer.

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Svein Kvia

Svein Kvia (September 27, 1947 Stavanger-February 2, 2005) was a Norwegian personality.

He died as a result of brain tumor.

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Ragnar Skancke

Ragnar Skancke (November 9, 1890 Ås, Akershus-August 28, 1948 Akershus Fortress) was a Norwegian electrical engineer.

He died caused by execution by firing squad.

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Trond Kristoffersen

Trond Kristoffersen (August 13, 1956 Hammerfest-August 29, 2013) was a Norwegian personality.

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Sonja Henie

Sonja Henie (April 8, 1912 Oslo-October 12, 1969 Oslo) a.k.a. Pavlova of the Ice was a Norwegian figure skater and actor.

She died as a result of leukemia.

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Ole Evinrude

Ole Evinrude (April 19, 1877 Gjøvik-July 12, 1934 Milwaukee) a.k.a. Ole Evenrudstuen was a Norwegian inventor. He had one child, Ralph Evinrude.

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Ernst Diesen

Ernst Diesen (April 6, 1913 Oslo-November 14, 1970 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor and theatre director. He had one child, Andreas Diesen.

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Jens Gunderssen

Jens Gunderssen (May 19, 1912 Drammen-December 11, 1969 Oslo) also known as Jens Gundersen was a Norwegian actor and singer-songwriter.

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Oskar Braaten

Oskar Braaten (November 25, 1881 Oslo-July 17, 1939 Trysil) was a Norwegian writer, novelist and playwright.

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Per Kvist

Per Kvist (April 4, 1890 Overhalla-May 23, 1947 Oslo) a.k.a. Vidar Wexelsen was a Norwegian actor, entertainer, writer, singer and cabaret artist.

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