Norwegian musicians died at 69

Here are 21 famous musicians from Norway died at 69:

Ludvig Holberg

Ludvig Holberg (December 3, 1684 Bergen-January 28, 1754 Copenhagen) otherwise known as Nicholas Klimius or Baron of Holberg was a Norwegian writer, essayist, philosopher, historian and playwright.

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Arne Torkildsen

Arne Torkildsen (April 5, 1899-April 5, 1968) otherwise known as Dr. Arne Torkildsen was a Norwegian physician.

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Jon Bing

Jon Bing (April 30, 1944 Tønsberg-January 14, 2014 Oslo) was a Norwegian writer, novelist and professor.

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Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen

Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen (September 11, 1873-March 13, 1943) was a Norwegian scientist and botanist.

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Odd Iversen

Odd Iversen (November 6, 1945 Trondheim-December 29, 2014) was a Norwegian personality. His child is called Steffen Iversen.

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Benjamin Wegner

Benjamin Wegner (February 21, 1795 Königsberg-May 22, 1864 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

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Aril Edvardsen

Aril Edvardsen (November 15, 1938 Kvinesdal-September 6, 2008 Mombasa) was a Norwegian missionary, preacher and evangelist.

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Jens Fredrik Schroeter

Jens Fredrik Schroeter (May 21, 1857 Drammen-April 27, 1927 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

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Anders Buen

Anders Buen (February 24, 1864 Gransherad-July 17, 1933) was a Norwegian personality.

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Hans Christian Petersen

Hans Christian Petersen (August 11, 1793 Kristiansand-September 26, 1862 Oslo) was a Norwegian politician.

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Arnt J. Mørland

Arnt J. Mørland (June 23, 1888 Arendal-September 28, 1957) was a Norwegian personality.

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Johannes S. Andersen

Johannes S. Andersen (July 9, 1898 Oslo-April 5, 1968) also known as Johannes Andersen was a Norwegian personality.

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Sigurd Hoel

Sigurd Hoel (December 14, 1890 Norway-October 14, 1960 Oslo) was a Norwegian writer.

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Peter Collett

Peter Collett (August 8, 1766 Modum-July 27, 1836 Buskerud) was a Norwegian judge.

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Jan Arvesen

Jan Arvesen (March 3, 1931 Ås, Akershus-July 20, 2000) was a Norwegian diplomat and attaché. He had three children, Nina Arvesen, Christian Arversen and Jannik Arvesen.

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Odd Hølaas

Odd Hølaas (March 27, 1898 Tveit-March 2, 1968) was a Norwegian journalist, writer and author.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Herman Watzinger

Herman Watzinger (April 20, 1916 Wiesbaden-April 5, 1986 Peru) was a Norwegian engineer.

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Marichen Altenburg

Marichen Altenburg (November 24, 1799 Skien-June 3, 1869) otherwise known as Marichen Cornelia Martine Altenburg was a Norwegian personality. She had six children, Henrik Ibsen, Hedvig Ibsen, Johan Altenburg Ibsen, Johan Andreas Ibsen, Nicolai Alexander Ibsen and Ole Paus Ibsen.

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Carsten Borchgrevink

Carsten Borchgrevink (December 1, 1864 Oslo-April 21, 1934 Oslo) was a Norwegian explorer.

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Finn Bø

Finn Bø (April 5, 1893-April 5, 1962) was a Norwegian playwright.

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Harald Ulrik Sverdrup

Harald Ulrik Sverdrup (December 17, 1846 Sem-April 1, 1916 Oslo) was a Norwegian engineer.

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