Pakistani actors who deceased in 2009

Here are 2 famous actors from Pakistan died in 2009:

Hussain Ali Yousafi

Hussain Ali Yousafi (November 27, 2014 Quetta-January 26, 2009) was a Pakistani politician, intellectual, actor and writer.

He was known for his sharp wit and critical thinking in national politics, as well as his prolific writing on a wide range of social, political and cultural issues in Pakistan. Hussain started his political career as a student leader and went on to become a member of the Balochistan Assembly multiple times. Throughout his life, he championed for the rights of the oppressed and marginalized, and was an outspoken critic of the government's policies towards Balochistan. Apart from his political career, Hussain also had a passion for acting and performed in numerous theater productions, as well as writing plays and scripts for television. He authored several books, including his autobiography, 'My Struggle for Justice.' Hussain was assassinated in a targeted attack in Quetta, Balochistan, leaving behind a legacy of activism and resistance against oppression.

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Yusuf Khan

Yusuf Khan (November 27, 2014 Kasur-September 20, 2009 Lahore) a.k.a. Yousuf Khan, Yousuf or Yusuf was a Pakistani actor.

He started his career in the film industry as a film editor, but soon shifted to acting. He appeared in more than 500 films in his career that spanned over five decades. He was known for his versatile acting skills and played roles in a variety of genres, including romance, drama, action, and comedy. His notable films include "Dillagi," "Anarkali," and "Zarqa." He won numerous awards for his outstanding performances and was recognized as one of the greatest actors in the history of Pakistani cinema. Apart from acting, he also directed a few films and contributed to the development of the Pakistani film industry. He passed away in Lahore in 2009 at the age of 94, leaving behind an unforgettable legacy in the world of Pakistani cinema.

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