Pakistani actors died as a result of Diabetes mellitus

Here are 1 famous actors from Pakistan died in Diabetes mellitus:


Lehri (January 2, 1929 Kanpur-September 13, 2012 Karachi) also known as Safirullah or Safirullah Siddiqui was a Pakistani actor and comedian.

Lehri started his career in the film industry as a playback singer, but eventually found success as a comedian and actor. He appeared in over 450 films in his career, making him one of the most prolific actors in Pakistani cinema. He was best known for his comedic roles and his ability to improvise on set. In addition to his work in film, Lehri also worked in radio and television, becoming a household name in Pakistan. He was awarded numerous accolades for his contribution to the arts, including the Pride of Performance award in 1986. Lehri passed away on September 13, 2012 in Karachi, Pakistan.

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