Pakistani actresses who deceased in 1987

Here are 1 famous actresses from Pakistan died in 1987:

Meena Shorey

Meena Shorey (November 17, 2014 Raiwind-February 9, 1987 Lahore) also known as Meena Shori, Meena, Mina or Lara Lappa Girl was a Pakistani actor.

Meena Shorey was born in Raiwind, a village near Lahore, British India (present-day Pakistan) in 1919. After appearing in several stage plays, she made her film debut in the Punjabi film "Circus Girl" in 1938. She then went on to act in dozens of films in both Punjabi and Urdu languages including "Kaneez" and "Bazaar". Her most popular film was "Gul Bakawli" which was released in 1954. She was known for her lively and cheerful personality, and for her dancing skills which earned her the nickname "Lara Lappa Girl".

Meena Shorey retired from acting in the 1960s and lived a quiet life until her death in Lahore in 1987. She is remembered as one of the most popular and successful actors of the golden era of Pakistani cinema.

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