Pakistani musicians who were born in 1973

Here are 5 famous musicians from Pakistan were born in 1973:

Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami (August 15, 1973 London-) also known as Adnan Sami Khan, Sami, Adnan, Khan, Adnan Sami or Adnam Sami is a Pakistani singer, musician, presenter, composer, actor and film score composer. He has one child, Azaan Sami Khan.

His discography includes: Sargam, Kisi Din, Teri Kasam, I Love Adnan, Best of Adnan Sami, Always Yours, Adnan, Lucky: No Time for Love, , Tera Chehra and Chance Pe Dance. Genres related to him: Jazz, Classical music, Pop rock, Indian pop, Film score and Jazz fusion.

Adnan Sami was born in London to a Pakistani diplomat father and an Indian mother. He grew up in various countries, including Pakistan and India, and became a naturalized Indian citizen in 2016. He started playing the piano at the age of five and went on to become a proficient pianist and keyboardist. Adnan made his debut as a singer in the Pakistani film industry in the early 90s and later gained popularity in India with his album "Tera Chehra" in 2002. He has won numerous awards for his music, including the Nigar Award and Filmfare Award, and has also acted in a few Bollywood films. In addition to his music career, Adnan has served as a judge on various singing reality shows and has also appeared as a guest on several talk shows. He is known for his melodious voice, blend of Indian and Western music styles, and his ability to play multiple musical instruments.

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Faakhir Mehmood

Faakhir Mehmood (April 20, 1973-) also known as Faakhir or Fakhir is a Pakistani musician and singer.

His albums: Sub to Sohniye, Mantra, Aatish and Faakhir Mantra. Genres he performed: Pop music.

Faakhir Mehmood started his music career in the late 90s as the lead vocalist for the Pakistani pop band Awaz. After the band's breakup in 2000, he started his solo career and released his debut album "Mantra" in 2002, which was a massive hit and earned him numerous awards.

In addition to his music career, Faakhir has also appeared as a judge on various music competition shows such as "Pakistan Idol" and "Sur Kshetra". He has also composed and produced music for films and television dramas.

Faakhir is considered one of the pioneers of Pakistani pop music and has a huge fan following in Pakistan as well as abroad. He continues to release new music and perform at concerts and events.

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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (December 9, 1973 Faisalabad-) a.k.a. Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat, The Ali Khan Family, Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, R.F.A. Khan, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan or Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is a Pakistani singer, musician, artist, playback singer, music artist and film score composer. He has three children, Shaadman, Maheen Khan and Filza Khan.

Discography: Rahat, Charkha, Tere Nain Sohniye, 50 Greatest Hits Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Main Ne Usse Dekha Hai Vol. 1, Tasveer Vol. 11, Bulbul Ko Phool, Jinan De Mahi Door Vasde, Maa Aur Dhee Vol.13 and Taar Meri Berhi Vol.5. Genres: Qawwali and Bollywood.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the nephew of the late legendary Qawwali singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He began his music career at the age of 11, performing with his uncle and later solo. He has since become one of the most popular and respected singers in Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent, with a large following around the world.

In addition to his work in Qawwali and Bollywood music, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has also collaborated with several international artists and performed at numerous music festivals. He has won several awards for his work, including the prestigious Grammy Award in 2010 for his album with Eddie Vedder, "Backspacer".

Aside from music, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has also been involved in philanthropic work and has donated to various charities, including the Edhi Foundation and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. He was also appointed as an honorary ambassador for the SOS Children's Village in Pakistan.

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Haroon (May 11, 1973 London-) also known as Aaron Haroon RASHID is a Pakistani engineer, singer, musician and composer.

His discography includes: Ki Awaz, Lagan, Haroon Ka Nasha, Haroon Ki Awaz and Pepsi Music Album. His related genres: Pop music.

Not only is Haroon a talented musician, but he is also the founder of Unicorn Black, one of Pakistan's leading animation studios. He is a passionate advocate for education and has produced two animated children's series, Burka Avenger and Teetoo and Tania, both of which promote social justice and support girls' education. In addition to his work in music and animation, Haroon is a sought-after public speaker, having delivered talks at TEDx events and international conferences on topics ranging from creativity to entrepreneurship. He is also a dedicated philanthropist, having founded the NGO Taangh Wasaib in 2010 to provide clean drinking water, sanitation, and education to underprivileged communities in Pakistan.

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Javed Bashir

Javed Bashir (August 8, 1973 Lahore-) a.k.a. Javeed Bashir is a Pakistani film score composer and musician.

Genres he performed include Qawwali and Sufi music.

Javed Bashir began his music career in the late 1990s as the lead vocalist for the Pakistani rock band, Mekal Hassan Band. He later became well-known for his soulful and emotive performances of Qawwali and Sufi music. He has contributed to several Bollywood films as a playback singer, most notably for the track "Ek Din Teri Raahon Mein" from the movie Naqaab.

In addition to his work as a musician, Javed Bashir has also served as a judge on various music reality shows in Pakistan. He has released several albums under his own name, including Subrang (2010) and Jazba (2011). His unique vocal style and powerful performances have earned him critical acclaim both in Pakistan and internationally.

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