Polish actors died as a result of Electrocution

Here are 1 famous actors from Poland died in Electrocution:

Jacek Chmielnik

Jacek Chmielnik (January 31, 1953 Łódź-August 22, 2007 Suchawa, Lublin Voivodeship) also known as Jacek Chmlelnik was a Polish actor, theatre director and playwright. He had two children, Igor Chmielnik and Julia Chmielnik.

Born in Łódź, Poland, Jacek Chmielnik began his acting journey in the 1970s at the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. He made his film debut in the 1976 Polish film "The Scar", and went on to star in over 70 films and television productions throughout his career.

Chmielnik was known for his versatile acting skills, playing both comedic and dramatic roles. Some of his most notable film roles include "Teddy Bear" (1980), "Vabank" (1981), "Vabank II, czyli riposta" (1984), and "Kingsajz" (1988).

Aside from his successful acting career, Chmielnik was also a talented theatre director and playwright. He directed numerous productions and wrote several plays that were performed in Poland's top theaters.

Tragically, Chmielnik passed away in a car accident in 2007, leaving behind a legacy in the Polish film and theatre industry.

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