Polish movie actresses died when they were 72

Here are 2 famous actresses from Poland died at 72:

Margarete Kupfer

Margarete Kupfer (April 10, 1881 Kożuchów-May 11, 1953 East Berlin) a.k.a. Küpfer, Margarete Küpfer, Margarethe Kupfer, Margarete Kupferschmid, Copper Margaret, Kuepfer or Margaret Kuepfer was a Polish actor.

She began her career in Berlin and worked at various theatres there throughout the 1910s and 1920s. She was known for her work in German silent cinema, starring in films such as "The Love of a Gypsy Queen" (1918) and "The Red Mouse" (1920). In the 1930s, Kupfer continued to act in films but also became involved in politics, joining the Communist Party of Germany. During World War II, she worked for the Red Cross, aiding prisoners of war. After the war, she moved to East Berlin where she continued her acting career, primarily on stage. She was awarded the National Prize of East Germany in 1952 for her contributions to German culture.

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Elżbieta Czyżewska

Elżbieta Czyżewska (May 14, 1938 Warsaw-June 17, 2010 Manhattan) also known as Elzbieta Czyzewska, Elzbieta Justyna Czyzewska, Elizbieta Czyzewska, Elżbieta Justyna Czyżewska, Elka, Ela or Elżbieta J. Czyżewska was a Polish actor.

She died as a result of esophageal cancer.

Czyżewska began her acting career in Poland in the late 1950s, eventually becoming a prominent figure in the Polish theater scene. She was also active in the Polish film industry, appearing in numerous films throughout the 1960s. In the late 1960s, Czyżewska emigrated to the United States where she continued her acting career on stage and in films. She was known for her roles in films such as 1999's "A Walk on the Moon" and 2003's "House of D". In addition to her acting work, Czyżewska was also active in political activism, particularly around issues of human rights both in Poland and in the United States.

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